ST. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower

The thought of self tanning just brings so much complications to mind

Bleached orange palms, stained towels and not to mention mess!

So when i heard a while back ST. Tropez was bringing out a whole new way to tan, it got me intrigued big time

Tanning whilst in a shower?!! yes you read it right, Tanning in a shower



ST.Tropez new formula is to be used in the shower you wash as normal and only takes 3 mins in total?!!

Just 3 minutes as part of your daily shower regime, St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is a convenient way to build a sunkissed, gradual glow, that provides up to 24 hour moisturisation

Streak, fuss free and easy to apply, it’s super ideal for first time tanners. pre , post holiday top-ups, or those looking for a low maintenance all year round glow

With Sweet Almond Oil it’s also clinically proven to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours, so there’s no need to moisturise afterwards, making it perfect for busy lifestyles

Simply apply daily to build your depth of tan to suit you

Remember its gradual it takes around 3 washes to look like you’ve been to a sunny place

It gives you natural, bronzed and healthy glow it works its magic within 4-8 hours after applying so i find this best to use at night time. So when you wake up Ta dah!!! you are all sun kissed and ready to go!

If your fair like me then your going to get the best results as the colour will really look like a holiday bronzed tan. Perfect for festivals, or just wanting a healthier approach to tanning

Its literally that easy no mess no fuss and UK Patent Pending i think it will go very far

Using this product was no worries at all im really impressed so much so that im going to be stocking up on these thats for sure

Such a time saver, no hard work at all

What it is formulated WITHOUT
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Released on the 1st June 2015 in the UK With 9,000 people on a waiting list priced at £14.50 200ml you can get yours exclusively at Boots Here Its still available

Also available at Sephora here $25

Whats do you think about this new Tanning formula

Thanks for reading



Cohorted 1st Cult Beauty Box

Cohorted February Beauty Box



So when i heard there was a brand new shiny Beauty Box set to be released. I made sure that it was first on my list of priorities 

For those who are not so familiar with Cohorted They are a Beauty Cosmetic Company that sells Makeup at really goods prices and when i mean really good seriously its really a fair price

They have on sale, a small selection of Cosmetics and other beauty items each week, Some with limited quantities of each product and sold at discounted prices. The more people that signs up to purchase the product that’s on sale each week then the price drops further down, giving you beauty at such affordable great price. Its truly a unique buying experience


But whats even more fun is that… I dont know about you, but beauty boxes are an obsession for me…

Ive accumulate so much makeup without having to spend alot its crazy and amazing at the same time. Its to the stage where it looks like i have my own makeup shop 😀

So Cohorted released their first ever Beauty Box on the 9/2/2015 at 6pm I made sure i was definitely getting one of these boxes as it was £19.99 + £2.50 P&P but the Contents worth was £65+  and that was an incredible offer i surely wasn’t going to miss

Cohorted is a one off pruchase Beauty Box that gets released each month but without having a direct debit/ rolling subscription. So when the box is released you will purchase it there and then and so forth

I guess it has its up and downs but i think its nice not have to be committed to something, even though many other Beauty Box companies say that unsubscribing isnt a issue ive always had trouble and its not a nice at all. So i guess this way of purchasing is perfect buying way for me

There was 100 boxes available and believe me on the day i did have some trouble with the site but that’s what happens when a new box arrives on the scene us women are like vultures! the site crashed a few times and was slow but with some patience and 2 pages open i was not going to be defeated! 😛

5 days later my order arrived on Valentines Day by hermes Courier and Ahhhh! Honestly this was the best box ive ever opened the presentation was second to none, it arrived in a sophisticated magnetic flip shut box wrapped with a silky black bow

The box was worth £65+ with 5 products inside,  3 of which that was full size and not to mention a High End Brand Dolce & Gabbana!!!

Thats the first time ive seen a high end product in any box that was pretty impressive im amazed and i really like to see this

Out of the 100 boxes that Chorted had.  5 lucky people had their boxes filled with another product a HourGlasss palette

unfortunatly i wasn’t one of the lucky ones but i sure did  feel lucky with its contents


* Dolce & Gabbana Clarifying Lotion  Full Size 150ml £20.00

* Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara  Travel Size 3ml Worth around £8.00

* Benefit Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Lipgloss  Full Size 15ml £14.50

* Korres Quercetin & Oak Eye Primer  Full Size 4ml £10.00

* Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser Travel Size 50ml Worth around £15.00

March Box did go on sale straight after Feb Edition sold out. I believe March had 300 Boxes of which are too sold out but more could come, im not 100% sure but will update you

it just goes to show you how successful Cohorted really are is a must have Beauty Box

What do you guys think? did you enjoy Cohorted New Beauty Edition if so let me know

Thankyou for reading


Memebox Global #12 June 2014

Memebox Global #12

MemeBox is a Korean beauty one off buy box . It’s not really a subscription, though they do have their original “Global” box which is released every month.They release so many different boxes each week, and lately sometimes daily. But you have to be quick since they’ve grown rapidly their boxes don’t seem to stay in stock for long.

Memebox (in Korean that’s 미미박스, pronounced “mi-mi-box”) is a beauty box service based in Korea.), They release a new mystery box each month and you can choose whether or not you want to buy it. Memebox currently ships internationally to Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA 21 Countries in total.

The boxes range from

-Memebox Global Edition- ($23) 6-10 items in box

– Luckybox- ($23) 4-5 items

-Superbox- ($32+) 4-8 items

-Ltd Edition Boxes- ($23+) 4-8 items

The Postage prices are $6.99 Standard International Mail Takes around 15-22 days

Express Shipping EMS/DHL $25.99 takes around 3-7 days

Memebox also has an online shop for various Korean beauty products at reasonable prices, plus free shipping on orders $70+

I didn’t Pay any tax/Custom Duties at all. This was one of the very things that concerned me, but As these boxes are under $25 =£15 You don’t pay any customs at all and shouldn’t do.

Memebox #12



This box was dispatched Via EMS/Standard International Mail  $6.99 Took only 6 days to arrive. Even though it states 15-25 days 😀

This box is now out of stock, they have Memebox #15 for pre Order

Memebox does bring back boxes in stock now and then so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Lets see what i got…..

This box contained 7 Ish items

All are Full Size/Deluxe samples. The Box cost $23.00 but is worth  around $137.20 

* Ryo Anti-Hair Loss Treatment 50ml $3 Full Size is 200ml $12


* Banila Co, Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Mask From The Dead Sea Sample Size12g $4.20 Full Size 100g $21


* Plagentra White Mark Stretch Mark Cream Sample size 15g Around $8.00 Full Size 100g $38

* Plagentra Sample Sachets Of White Mark Cream, Lotion and Massage Gel 


* L.Vida Nail Polish Colour Passion Blue 10ml Full Size $7.00 


* Inter- Cos Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream For unwanted hair all over the body 250ml Full Size $43.00


*Palan Crysense Orangic Essence Leave In Treatment For Dry damaged Hair 120ml Full Size $72.00


This is my first Box From Memebox Global range box’s

It was a pretty darn good box and i cant wait to try the Palan Leave in hair treatment and for $72 Im Shocked (But in a good way) Never own a hair product that expensive before, it says on the contents card that that its highly praised. So im very intrigued also its a really good size so i should get many uses out of it.

There is a coupon code For $15 off and expires around the 8th July ”TRYMEMEBOX”

It worked for me and im a existing subscriber

(This can only be used one person one time only)

I totally recommend Memebox

Try them Out

I have a Coupon code for the Memebox ”Superbox #32 Bubble Pop Cosmetics $3 off”

Available from the 5th July to the 30th July 2014 AFFILIATE-4001-DA8AH-HGLZ

Birchbox March 2014 Lulu Guinness UK



Today i received my Birchbox 12th march 2014, didn’t even know it was on its way as the tracking was just only given to me, plus the details didn’t update

luckily i was in to receive it.

This month Birchbox partnered up with a fashion Designer called Lulu Guinness for this months box.


Too be honest when opening my box i wasn’t impressed at all with it being a box made from Lulu picks ( which was beauty items what Lulu Guinness loved)

I only had one thing out of the whole box which was One of lulu Picks so i cant see how one thing made it a lulu box was quiet strange.

The items this month are quiet small but one thing i received for sure did catch my eye and im intrigued by it.

The Lulu Guinness Collaboration part of the box was a sleeve, the box Itself was still the standard cardboard Birchbox box.

Also we was given a voucher which expires in like 2 weeks time which i find quiet hideous to be honest and it was only for £20 off a £100 spend on Lulu Guinness website which by the way is way over priced. Quiet a shocker nothing was 100 pound and i cant believe that birchbox would allow this  offer/voucher to expire quiet soon not only that but no one really has this amount of money to spend, well i dont anyway…. do you?..

considering thats why i buy this box at £10.00 a month i don’t have this kind of money and considering it expires so soon its a cheek i tell you!!!

Right enough said lets move on to what i got this month


* BENEFIT Stay Don’t Stray Eye primer. Sample size of 2.5ml Full size Cost £20.50

* DE BRANT Pores No more Pore Refiner Received a Sample 7.5ml Full Size is 30ml £39.00

*AROMA  WORKS Body Oil Received Sample 5ml Full Size Cost £32.50

* CELLU-CUP Helps Fight Cellulite Full Size £16.00

* ENGLISH LAUNDRY  No 7 for her Perfume Sample 2ml Full Size is From £47

* Lifestyle Extra  Candy Rock Sweet

So This months box is ok, Im intrigued by the Cellu cup going to have go at that and the Dr brandt ”pore no more” so both things im very happy with the other items well there alright not really hyped about them got so many body oils but its ok….ish.

Thanks for reading loves.







Glossybox Valentines ”Be Mine” February 2014 UK




So today the 19th February 2014  i received my GLOSSYBOX Finally 😦

I received my box very late this month and with the dispatch day being Valentines Day 14th Feb, most women  got their box the very next day Saturday 15th Feb, i don’t know how that works out but i use to get my box like this every month, Until… i Started to use my GlossDots. (The points you accumulate when filling out the surveys on the items you get in your box each month)

I redeemed my Points on the 27th January 2014, they only got finalised on the 7th February Thats when the Glossybox website showed the Feb box details.

I didn’t get an invoice nor did i get a dispatch email. But i was intelligent enough to see that the Glossbox website put the tracking up on there,  so copied & paste the details as the Direct Link is always broken to the hermes website.

 This month’s theme is Valentines ”Be Mine” (and yes a valentines theme box received way after valentines) Really disappointed with this but what can i say…..

The Glossyboxes are always cute to me, never had any doubt about them at all even though it has had a makeover, More Gloss/shiny finish and slightly deeper box.


The box is covered with LIPS Which looks very lovely totally suitable for a valentines theme  MWAH! 🙂

The inside of the box is black with the Original Glossybox Logo and the Ribbon this month is in a gorgeous pink colour with White tissue paper which looks actually kinda  Yukky….. Boo


Maybe a lovely black/red paper would of been appropriate?!

Ok the weight of my box is very much heavier this month and i love that  (Last month’s was so light… And don’t get me started with that Box…….the more i think about it the more im like WT….. was they thinking……

anyhow 😀

The Contents of the box


As you can see the box is very filled Yay!

This month i got……

* NOUGAT LONDON  Sparkling Body Shimmer (The metallically pink looking thing on the Left) Received 100ml Sample Full Size is £14.00 for 250ml

* ELDORA  Eyelashes( B182) Re-usuable eyelashes Full Size £3.90

* CIATE LONDON Paint pot Nail Polish ”Cocktail Dress” Pinky/berry Colour Full size 13.5ml £9

* GIOVANNI ECO CHIC COSMETICS Shampoo Conditioner, Deep Treatment Hair Mask. Received sample sachet of each 7.4ml Full Size 251ml £7.99 Each

* MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Big Eyes Mascara Received full Size £8.99

And Last but not least we all got a Lindt Lindor Full Size Chocolate Treat  (Mmmmmm delicious) My Fave Chocolate in the whole entire wolrd!!!!

Thankyou Glossybox would love to see more treats like this in future boxes thats for sure 😀

We also got a Competition card in our box this month


You have to put your Your Favourite Slap on, On and kiss the card, addressed it to the one you love or anyone really , Take a photo of it  Dedicate it to the #GlossyboxKisses  twitter page for a chance to be in to win £1000 Holiday Voucher in Association with Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Collection

So thats my box for this month guys it Valued at around £28.00

Not too bad Considering the whole box is £10.00 +£2.95  Monthly Subscription Service (Which you can cancel at any time)

With 3 Full Size products and 2 Sample Size ones, so its quiet good, But Cheesed off i got mine quiet late 4 Posting days after nearly half of women got theirs 😦

Thanks for reading loves until next time



Glossybox Back To Basics January 2014 UK



Today i received a knock at the door to find that my GLOSSYBOX has arrived, Yay.

Finally this has been long awaited.

This month, due to Christmas, New year and that GlOSSYBOX  Hinted a new makeover for its box. There was such a huge delay in receiving this months box because of this.

Normally the boxes get sent out between 10th/15th of each month.

The wait was finally over and today i was so excited to find what would be inside my January GLOSSYBOX.

I did have very high expectations only because its the first box to start off to the new year and besides it had a new subtle but yet Glossy makeover…

well… i have to say im not quiet happy and yet not quiet upset either, got very mixed feelings with this one. Hmmm

right let me jump into it..


This Month i got…..

* YU-BE  Moisturising Skin Cream. From Japan 2x 3g Samples. Full Size is £13.50 for 33g

* BALANCE ME  Super Toning Body Wash.  Received a sample of 50ml Full Size is £10.50 for 250ml

* THE VINTAGE COSMETICS COMPANY  Floral Slanted Tweezers Received a full Size Item £8.00

* ANATOMICALS Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake-up Under Eye Patches. Received 2x 6g Sachets. Full Size is £6.00 for 3 x 6g Sachets.

*VASELINE Essential Moisture Lotion. Received a sample of 50ml Full Size is £4.99 for 400ml.


The Box is not very good value for money this month.

Its a £10.00 Monthly box + £2.95 P&P

The Value is maybe around £15/18 this month.

Its not great, but not bad box either, i will use all the products Just wished there was something to do with makeup in my box this month.

I do love the New Box design though, its a tad longer and the depth of the box is much deeper, with the new ribbon design and the more pinker Box it is rather cute,

Very Glossy i must say… 😀

Here are a couple of pictures of the old box design and the new to compare.




Old Design Left New Design Right.







Old Design Top New Design Bottom.

 What do you think of this months box happy? upset? Bit of a let down?

Please comment below.

Thanks loves for reading!

Until next time



Birchbox UK July 2013 Jet Set



I Received my Birchbox today for July

This months all about Enjoying the Sun and setting off on Holiday, or chilling at home in the Sun : D

with products from around the world. including western Australia, France and the USA.

This month Birchbox is very good and  i’m quiet excited to start using the products.

This month i got


The full size of this Product consist of 4 x 25ml products in a Metal tea tin  box which cost  RRP £40.00

This month i received one of these which is 25ml so this would of cost £10 each. (thats the price of the Birchbox already)

My next Product is

I received a travel size which is 25ml.  The Full Size for this cost RRP £7.70

Next product is

Received a sample size 0.5g which is very tiny, too tiny in fact shame because the colour is lovely.

Full Size Is 55g RRP £21.50
20130716_141906 20130716_141854
Next Item is

Anti Ageing Face Mask Which comes in little drawstring bag Received one of these with a white tablet which is in fact the face mask.

Received One 13ml Size pot and one face mask  so £10 each a bottle??
The Full size Consist of 4 Little bottles for 4 time uses which Retails At RRP £40.00
My Next product is

Received a tiny travel size which is 15ml

100% natural ingredients are used in a high-tech way to provide a gentle approach to anti-ageing.

The Full Size is 50ml RRP £54.75


My Last Item is a lifestyle Product

Sample size 8g of Chai Shots seeds (Superfood)  which is grown in Australia Containing omega 3, Dietary fibre, protein and Antioxidants 100% Natural


Very pleased With this months Box.  All my items came in a Cute Pink Birchbox Drawstring bag this month.

Its Different and i quiet like this. Note sure about it being a summary jet set box? Confused about that. But overall very pleased.

Im on a monthly subscription for £10.00 +2.95 for delivery.

The company they use is Yodel which is a delivery company i don’t trust or like this is only the downfall so far. as my last box went missing last month

comes with a Birchbox Magazine with hints tips and tricks plus any gossip on the now.

also there was a card which says Birchbox has Teamed up with INSTYLE For August box soooo excited for this cant wait for my next month box. 🙂