Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Review

Hi Guys

Im back, Like i said i have another Mascara from the Famous Japanese Fairydrops Range

As you may or may not already know im a huge sucker for every mascara thats going, plus even more of a sucker for cute Japanese packaging!

Today i would like to welcome you to

”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara


This Bottle/Tube of Magic was bought from Cult Beauty Priced at £18.50 Containing hella 7.2ml amount of product

They Use Royal mail as their courier for 1st Class delivery

( Type YOU15 at checkout for 15% off order over £25

Or Free shipping Type FREESHIP15 ) For first time orders. I think….

Cult Beauty sell both Mascaras but the Original Mascara is out of stock but will soon become available again in future

Or Buy The Original or More from the fairydrops range below @ these places

* Blow Ltd


* BeautyMart

All are based in the UK

This Mascara is and i will say again and again….. amazing!!!

Just like the Original Fairydrops Mascara. It has a funny (head) wand but not 3 its 4 ”bobble patented Quattro” this time giving it its name ”QUATTRO”



The unique 4 head bobble shape lifts and separates whilst fattening and lengthening each eyelash thanks to the (non-irritating) fibres. Making it perfect to wiggle and latch onto each eyelash. The smudge, budge and flake resistant formula is filled with five different treatment essences. ( It says 8 on the back of the product box but…Online is saying 5 sooooo!?…. ) Leaving lashes looking lustrous and pushed up. Containing innovative film-forming polymers which have a long-lasting ‘perming’ again think push up bra effect, to ‘open up’ eyes and create an enviable set of full on Doll eyed, fluttering, fanned fringes for eyelashes

Just like the Original, the colour of this Mascara is black but with a deep Glossy finish. That doesn’t feel crunchy nor flaky to touch

Created by result of trial and error, having struggled to find a mascara that really made an impact. Japanese celebrity Aya Yasude started customising wands. Snipping away at bristles until she achieved the desired ‘wow factor’ and adding the Benefits of 5 essences to treat and condition those eyelashes of ours. No wonder this Mascara makes it such a cult beauty of the Japanese beauty society



Im so impressed with these Japanese Mascaras ”Fairydrops” The formula is just right, perfect for my pencil straight lashes and for those who suffer with this

Ive not touched a western Mascara since totally in love!!

And can i just say how…. eeeeeek…….!! baby cute the packaging is.  C’mon!

Yes….. yes im a huge sucker for this…. #sorrybutnotsorry


As always use a Oil Based Remover to remove all waterproof Mascaras

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Fairydrops Scandal Queen Japanese Mascara Review

Hi Guys

As you may or may not already know im a huge sucker for every mascara thats going, plus even more of  a sucker for cute Japanese packaging!

On this lovely evening i have an item that i really want to share with you

”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara”


I bought mine From Blow Ltd Online Priced at £18.50 7.2ml

They Use Royal Mail as their shipping courier priced at £3.95

My order came literally the next day, after buying online With 2 free Skincare samples, but strangely had a 48 hour (2nd class) sticker at the top….so i guess mine slipped through quicker somehow at Royal mail sorting office

Originally i was signed up to Cult Beauty Online few months back and twice now i have missed out on this online launch in the UK. It just doesn’t seem to stay for long this is why this Mascara is the best!

But after some searching i have finally got my hands on it! and just too exited to share!

Fairydrops is a Japanese Mascara that was brought over to the UK quiet recently but has been available to buy online Since 2011 overseas

result of trial and error,  having struggled to find a mascara that really made an impact  Japanese celebrity Aya Yasude started customising wands. Snipping away at bristles until she achieved the desired ‘wow factor’

Which gives us the ”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara” of today

Totally Jet black in colour with an ultra glossy finish, ”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara” is the push up bra for our lashes. Thanks to its phenomenal ability to lengthen, lift, curl and ‘plump up’ each individual eyelash. The innovative ‘bobble’ 3 Bobble makes it the perfect shape to really latch onto your eyelashes

Waterproof, wont smudge and flake proof (This is the issue im having with ”theyre real Mascara” by Benefit atm) Humidity, swimming!!!?? and cry proof!



This Mascara just gets more amazing every time i use it

Containing 7.2ml worth of product this makes it worth every penny and more

It contains enhanced Film Curl-Keep Polymer which keeps even the most stubborn straight lashes curled all day (Great for those who suffer pencil straight lashes) such as myself 😦

The fiber volume increasing wax creates as long, luxurious and defined lashes without any clumps or clumping

No wonder its called Fairydrops its the most Magical Mascara ive ever used


I just love the super duper cute packaging its total eye candy, very appealing and adorable!  The rose gold tube is utterly covetable


Fairydrops has quiet a Mascara range i think theres 5 in total (correct me if im wrong)

This review today is the Original Fairydrops Mascara of all and most sort after

I have another Fairydrops Mascara to share with you (Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara) so please stay tuned for that

Thanks for reading


November Haul Makeup/Food/Perfume 2014

November Haul 🙂

Hi Lovelies

I have a huge Haul for you today, ive been absent from my blog post once again

Ive had this chesty cough that just wont budge and this headache ahh just been feeling pretty crappy 😦

and with that i might have done some online shopping lately Ooooopsie! 😀

Its a mixture from Makeup/Food/Perfume today

Ive always been a fan of G Stefani but never really taken a deep look into her perfume line Like ”Harajuku Lovers”

One that really caught my eye has pretty much got me started on a collecting these perfumes. Some are still being sold Online from retailers whilst others are rare and really hard to get hold of but im going to make an effort and try and collect them all as, if your like me a sucker for packaging then yes they are worth collecting






They come in 10ml Versions and 30ml

the prices range from £7.98 to £16.99 from online retailers but Amazon and Ebay prices max can be anything upto £29.00 each

I had to buy mine from a few places online In the UK

All Beauty (Formally known as cheap smells)

The London Perfume Company

Perfume Click

123 Hair & Beauty

Scentsational Perfumes & Cosmetics

Love the Packaging so much! Its  very Pop Art, Japanese Style Kawaii.  All perfumes have their own unique scent no two are the same very collectable and makes the perfect gift for Christmas

Around this time of the year i always gift Unusual Japanese/Asian Sweet & Chocolate i dont know why that really is but i thinks its down to again… the packaging i love buying from Tofu Cute

UK Based retailer that sells worldwide with delivery at cheap affordable prices

their Sweets taste amazing and even though we have a few online Asian Supermarkets sometimes they dont Stock certain Biscuits/Sweets/Chocolates Due to the fact some are very hard to get hold of

But with Tofu Cute they regularly buy different sweets their stock is always changing so your sure to find something that’s catches your eye


My Fave are the Caramel corn! You have to try them seriously your missing out! Trust me!!

These bad boys sell out pretty fast online so be quick

You can get these from Starry Asian Market

Their delivery is £2.75 royal mail Standard so you get your order within 2-3 Days

Last But not Least…..

I Recently Subscribed to a Beauty Youtuber Her Name is Huda She is Super Stunning! Has a Lovely personalty and i just Love Love Her Videos!

She recommended to her Followers DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. Ive Also heard so many great stories about this prior but never really took the Plunge as the price ticket is pretty Expensive

But i Did some Surfing on the Net and my old Time Fave Website All Beauty sold it the cheapest  £20.00 10ml

I have very thin, short Eyelashes, so i can not wait to give this a try, you can wear it alone or under your Fave Mascara For longer thicker fuller lashes in two weeks


I also bought Brooke Shields Bronzing Powder from MAC online £24.00

I think its Sold out from Mac, But you can still get it from at the same Price £24.00


House Of Fraser

I love a good bargain and most of all i love T.K Maxx

It can look like a jumble car boot sale sometimes if you know what i mean, but minus that T.K Maxx sells some amazing and hard to get hold of Beauty cosmetics at dirt cheap prices

I was able to buy Burberry Effortless Mascara Colour Black for £14.00 The is RRP £26.50

I love my Mascara’s and im quiet excited to give this a go Bargain!!

Thanks for reading

What have you Lovely People been buying lately? or got any recommendation of website be sure to let me know below!

x x x

My Litte Box DVF UK October 2014 + Coupons

My Little Box DVF

This Month ”My Little Box” Collaborated with a Belgium Fashion Designer ”Diane Von Furstenberg” Style Icon From the 70’s

(Also the Head Idea behind the first wrap dress)

If you don’t already know

”My Little Box” Is a French Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle and Accessory Box 

Its £11.00 a Month + £3.95 Shipping 

You can have this delivered to your work address for £1 cheaper

”My Little Box” Currently Only delivers to France, Japan and the UK at the moment 

I truly hope they start to ship worldwide as many other beauty Bloggers from around the world would appreciate it too

This Months Box was truly a delight to open

It was filled to the top with a little bit of everything

The Design on this months box has i assume the DVF Lady herself , Wearing a gorgeous printed dress, just the same as the fashion extra that we received this month


The box is a work of Art and ”My Little Box” use a Japanese Woman Called Kanako Kuno. The illustrations are made with Japanese precision mixed with French finesse. Focusing on finding and presenting the best of the city

Ive never seen Such Beautiful Boxes before that have so much effort in them,  its truly a luxurious Box. So much detail, care and time has been spent and its worth every penny and much more!

And… Speaking of worth ive found out that This months box is worth over £65



Okay so what was in this October’s Box


* DVF Lips Broach (Badge) Reminds me of a Betsey Johnson Piece

* DFV Printed Scarf

* My Little World Magazine

* Drawstring Bag With DVF LOGO Printed

* 3 Beauty Items

* Coupons Off Codes


My Three Beuaty items were

* L’Occitane En Provence Travel Size Hand Cream In Vanilla 10ml

* Kerastase Paris Hair Spray 75ml

* My Little Beauty  (Their In House Own Brand) Micellar Water 150ml Worth £8



DVF Printed Scarf

Which has Multiple ways of styling it

This Came Beautifully Packaged in a envelope style packaging totally stunning!


The DVF Lips Kiss From Diane Broach Badge


Their First Edition Box to the UK Didnt have a magazine but this month we was promised

and here it is, filled with Beauty/Fashion ideas plus a insight into the DVF Lady herself


Some cards with info about the items received plus a few Coupons for the UK Stores only

It says for My little Box Subscribers but i will leave the code here for you if they work for you hooray!

Enter Promo Code MYLITTLEBOX704 For 20% Off Kerastase orders Online Visit Here

Enter Code MYLITTLEBOX For 20% Off DVF Online Here

Spending Over £20 At L’Occitane Get free gift set with order Use Code TREAT Here

I really enjoy this months box and i can not wait for the next

Thinking of Signing up to My Little box?

Thanks for reading


Tofu Cute Japanese candy/sweets Haul 2014

Tofu Cute



I love anything that looks cute! Or should i say Kawaii Hehe 🙂

Tofu Cute is a Online store based in Hampshire In the south of the U.K , they sell things like cute accessories , stationary and really tasty Japanese Snacks.

Im a Huge fan of Japanese snacks, and the packaging is just too Cute!!

Most of their stock their stock cant be bought in the uk as they source their products straight from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong

You can meet some of the TOFU CUTE team they also attend various events around the world like hyper Japan

I made my order 2 days ago and it arrived the next day via express delivery which is royal mail first class at £2.99, but you can get your delivery for free if you order over £20. Pretty neat huh 😀

They also ship to many other international countries at reasonable prices


So what did i order……



Kit Kat Gift Box 3-pack – Uji Matcha/  Sakura Matcha

These are pretty rare to find in the UK, Also this are given as Good Luck gifts because


Sakupan Chocolate Monaka Panda Wafer


Lotte Kancho Love Biscuits – Chocolate/ Kawaii Deco Tape Candy treats


Hello Kitty Starberry Pocky Sticks /Saku Saku Panda Strawberry Biscuits


Lotte Pepero Pocky Sticks in Chocolate almond/ Nude Choco Biscuits


I love Japan Snacks they are super tasty and i cant wait to order more!

Totally recommended if you into Cute/Funky Cute packaging and snacking of course! 🙂



Thanks for reading