Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara Review

Hi Guys

Im back, Like i said i have another Mascara from the Famous Japanese Fairydrops Range

As you may or may not already know im a huge sucker for every mascara thats going, plus even more of a sucker for cute Japanese packaging!

Today i would like to welcome you to

”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara


This Bottle/Tube of Magic was bought from Cult Beauty Priced at £18.50 Containing hella 7.2ml amount of product

They Use Royal mail as their courier for 1st Class delivery

( Type YOU15 at checkout for 15% off order over £25

Or Free shipping Type FREESHIP15 ) For first time orders. I think….

Cult Beauty sell both Mascaras but the Original Mascara is out of stock but will soon become available again in future

Or Buy The Original or More from the fairydrops range below @ these places

* Blow Ltd


* BeautyMart

All are based in the UK

This Mascara is and i will say again and again….. amazing!!!

Just like the Original Fairydrops Mascara. It has a funny (head) wand but not 3 its 4 ”bobble patented Quattro” this time giving it its name ”QUATTRO”



The unique 4 head bobble shape lifts and separates whilst fattening and lengthening each eyelash thanks to the (non-irritating) fibres. Making it perfect to wiggle and latch onto each eyelash. The smudge, budge and flake resistant formula is filled with five different treatment essences. ( It says 8 on the back of the product box but…Online is saying 5 sooooo!?…. ) Leaving lashes looking lustrous and pushed up. Containing innovative film-forming polymers which have a long-lasting ‘perming’ again think push up bra effect, to ‘open up’ eyes and create an enviable set of full on Doll eyed, fluttering, fanned fringes for eyelashes

Just like the Original, the colour of this Mascara is black but with a deep Glossy finish. That doesn’t feel crunchy nor flaky to touch

Created by result of trial and error, having struggled to find a mascara that really made an impact. Japanese celebrity Aya Yasude started customising wands. Snipping away at bristles until she achieved the desired ‘wow factor’ and adding the Benefits of 5 essences to treat and condition those eyelashes of ours. No wonder this Mascara makes it such a cult beauty of the Japanese beauty society



Im so impressed with these Japanese Mascaras ”Fairydrops” The formula is just right, perfect for my pencil straight lashes and for those who suffer with this

Ive not touched a western Mascara since totally in love!!

And can i just say how…. eeeeeek…….!! baby cute the packaging is.  C’mon!

Yes….. yes im a huge sucker for this…. #sorrybutnotsorry


As always use a Oil Based Remover to remove all waterproof Mascaras

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Fairydrops Scandal Queen Japanese Mascara Review

Hi Guys

As you may or may not already know im a huge sucker for every mascara thats going, plus even more of  a sucker for cute Japanese packaging!

On this lovely evening i have an item that i really want to share with you

”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara”


I bought mine From Blow Ltd Online Priced at £18.50 7.2ml

They Use Royal Mail as their shipping courier priced at £3.95

My order came literally the next day, after buying online With 2 free Skincare samples, but strangely had a 48 hour (2nd class) sticker at the top….so i guess mine slipped through quicker somehow at Royal mail sorting office

Originally i was signed up to Cult Beauty Online few months back and twice now i have missed out on this online launch in the UK. It just doesn’t seem to stay for long this is why this Mascara is the best!

But after some searching i have finally got my hands on it! and just too exited to share!

Fairydrops is a Japanese Mascara that was brought over to the UK quiet recently but has been available to buy online Since 2011 overseas

result of trial and error,  having struggled to find a mascara that really made an impact  Japanese celebrity Aya Yasude started customising wands. Snipping away at bristles until she achieved the desired ‘wow factor’

Which gives us the ”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara” of today

Totally Jet black in colour with an ultra glossy finish, ”Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara” is the push up bra for our lashes. Thanks to its phenomenal ability to lengthen, lift, curl and ‘plump up’ each individual eyelash. The innovative ‘bobble’ 3 Bobble makes it the perfect shape to really latch onto your eyelashes

Waterproof, wont smudge and flake proof (This is the issue im having with ”theyre real Mascara” by Benefit atm) Humidity, swimming!!!?? and cry proof!



This Mascara just gets more amazing every time i use it

Containing 7.2ml worth of product this makes it worth every penny and more

It contains enhanced Film Curl-Keep Polymer which keeps even the most stubborn straight lashes curled all day (Great for those who suffer pencil straight lashes) such as myself 😦

The fiber volume increasing wax creates as long, luxurious and defined lashes without any clumps or clumping

No wonder its called Fairydrops its the most Magical Mascara ive ever used


I just love the super duper cute packaging its total eye candy, very appealing and adorable!  The rose gold tube is utterly covetable


Fairydrops has quiet a Mascara range i think theres 5 in total (correct me if im wrong)

This review today is the Original Fairydrops Mascara of all and most sort after

I have another Fairydrops Mascara to share with you (Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara) so please stay tuned for that

Thanks for reading


Benefit Puff Off! Instant Eye Gel Review

Puff Off!!


Well i dont know about you but i have some serious puffies!

 Puffy eyes and dark circle are something that i really dont like! Im Super pale and because of this it accentuates the black bags and puffiness to the extreme

When i heard that Benefit has another new Product ”Puff Off!” it got me thinking

I have used Benefit ”Its Potent”  On & Off (Another Eye Cream for your Puffies and dark circles) Its a good product but i wouldn’t say great but then again im always switching my skin care i cant seem to make my mind up and claiming to be instant im not really that sure about Its Potent being that

So January came and so did a few Benefit products. I was super intrigued by Benefit ”Puff Off!” not just because of its name but because the application head was something i have never seen before! a Iron to be quiet frank!? and it sure did pull me in to find out more





Benefit is known for its Cute, Quirky, Gimmicky 50’s Style Packaging and whilst most people dont really like this i absolutely quiet love it in a strange way somehow im always a sucker for packaging i really cant help myself!

Benefit is also a expensive Makeup brand but when they get it right they really get it right and then that’s when i dont mind paying the extra £’s

(So what is Benefit ”Puff off!” and what does it claim to do?)

”Iron on…puff off! Undereye puffiness and creases look “satiny smooth” with our innovative under eye gel. The custom “ironing” tip instantly helps smooth the look of undereye puffiness & fine lines. Iron away for a smoother day!”

I thoroughly enjoyed using Benefit ”Puff Off!” it worked instant on my tired looking puffy eyes it gave them some TLC along with the benefit of its cooling Custom iron tip head which is freezing cold, So some pink product and a ice cold application = de-Puff Eyes and no more Puffies


It absorbed quiet quickly and easy into my skin with the cooling effect my eyes sure felt great, i used it under my makeup as it claims it can be used over. (not sure how that will work)

Its very gentle and did not irritate my eyes, I have the most sensitive skin i either break out in spots but it was quiet pleasant to use

Gimmicky looking yes but dont be fooled this was an enjoyable Benefit product 

What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Get yours here  RRP £22.50

thankyou for reading


Mai Couture Paper Blushes Prettyful & Sunset Blvd Review/ Haul

Mai Couture


I was doing some online shopping the other day and i noticed this brand called Mai Couture on Beautybay

I was super intrigued because there i was staring at these paper blushes!? Yes i said paper! So i wasn’t planning on buying anything but i said what the heck and bought them anyway 🙂

Mai Couture products are designed to enhance beauty without mess or stress, And perfect for when your on the go. Who wants to carry around makeup brushes anyway right

Having a concise range of makeup papers, each are all suitable for all skin types and effortless to use. Mai Couture is a luxury beauty brand which makes your beauty regime a breeze

From Foundation in a paper form to Blusher and Highlighters  im all up for trying anything new

You get around 50 sheets in each pack you pull a sheet away from the booklet and use in circular movements one sheet does both of your cheeks


I bought Blush Colours in

* Prettyful


* Sunset Blvd


Whats even better is that these blushes are Paraben &  Talc Free

You can buy your Mai Couture range from

Beautybay From £11.50/ £16.95

They also sell tiny wallets to store your paper booklet in




I was lucky enough to get 10% off my order. Beautybay from time to time have offers now and then so i made sure to take the offer up i believe the promo has now ended but keep an eye out beautybay always have offers

what do you guys think? will you try blush in a paper form?

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Cohorted 1st Cult Beauty Box

Cohorted February Beauty Box



So when i heard there was a brand new shiny Beauty Box set to be released. I made sure that it was first on my list of priorities 

For those who are not so familiar with Cohorted They are a Beauty Cosmetic Company that sells Makeup at really goods prices and when i mean really good seriously its really a fair price

They have on sale, a small selection of Cosmetics and other beauty items each week, Some with limited quantities of each product and sold at discounted prices. The more people that signs up to purchase the product that’s on sale each week then the price drops further down, giving you beauty at such affordable great price. Its truly a unique buying experience


But whats even more fun is that… I dont know about you, but beauty boxes are an obsession for me…

Ive accumulate so much makeup without having to spend alot its crazy and amazing at the same time. Its to the stage where it looks like i have my own makeup shop 😀

So Cohorted released their first ever Beauty Box on the 9/2/2015 at 6pm I made sure i was definitely getting one of these boxes as it was £19.99 + £2.50 P&P but the Contents worth was £65+  and that was an incredible offer i surely wasn’t going to miss

Cohorted is a one off pruchase Beauty Box that gets released each month but without having a direct debit/ rolling subscription. So when the box is released you will purchase it there and then and so forth

I guess it has its up and downs but i think its nice not have to be committed to something, even though many other Beauty Box companies say that unsubscribing isnt a issue ive always had trouble and its not a nice at all. So i guess this way of purchasing is perfect buying way for me

There was 100 boxes available and believe me on the day i did have some trouble with the site but that’s what happens when a new box arrives on the scene us women are like vultures! the site crashed a few times and was slow but with some patience and 2 pages open i was not going to be defeated! 😛

5 days later my order arrived on Valentines Day by hermes Courier and Ahhhh! Honestly this was the best box ive ever opened the presentation was second to none, it arrived in a sophisticated magnetic flip shut box wrapped with a silky black bow

The box was worth £65+ with 5 products inside,  3 of which that was full size and not to mention a High End Brand Dolce & Gabbana!!!

Thats the first time ive seen a high end product in any box that was pretty impressive im amazed and i really like to see this

Out of the 100 boxes that Chorted had.  5 lucky people had their boxes filled with another product a HourGlasss palette

unfortunatly i wasn’t one of the lucky ones but i sure did  feel lucky with its contents


* Dolce & Gabbana Clarifying Lotion  Full Size 150ml £20.00

* Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara  Travel Size 3ml Worth around £8.00

* Benefit Bella Bamba Ultra Plush Lipgloss  Full Size 15ml £14.50

* Korres Quercetin & Oak Eye Primer  Full Size 4ml £10.00

* Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cleanser Travel Size 50ml Worth around £15.00

March Box did go on sale straight after Feb Edition sold out. I believe March had 300 Boxes of which are too sold out but more could come, im not 100% sure but will update you

it just goes to show you how successful Cohorted really are is a must have Beauty Box

What do you guys think? did you enjoy Cohorted New Beauty Edition if so let me know

Thankyou for reading


Benefit Mini Haul #poreoclock

I was in the need for some new Benefit Porefessional Primer

ive never really bought the full size Tube ive always used the small 7ml Travel size one. Soo I took to the plunge and bought the big daddy £24.00

My Local Benefit counter is inside a House of Fraser  Store

But i came away with more than i thought so i would just like to share with you today this Cute Little Benefit gift bag filled with some extras thrown in.

The Girl at the Counter was so sweet and very helpful. The best part was that it she was genuine and not so salesman on me

As im quiet put off by this, i once had a all day audition with benefit for a job role and it was not for me! did not like the fake Salesman C’mon strong kind of person i had to be. But enough of that lets just drool over how freaking cute this goodie bag is!


The Benefit Lady also popped a  porefessional Poreoclock Clock in my bag also 😀


So for a £24.00 Shop i came out with some pretty cute samples and more samples than i thought


Would have to say Benefit is normally kinda stingy when it comes to asking for some samples but today i was quiet delighted this is the most samples ive had from them in the last 3 years

Thanks for reading


Benefit New Roller Lash Mascara First Impression Review ”Hook n Roll” #ROLLERLASH

Benefit’s soon to be cult product, ”Roller Lash Mascara” Has been announced!!! 😀 

Due out 27th February 2015




This Brand spanking new super curling & lifting World Exclusive Mascara is available as a sample in Elle UK March Issue 2015 Magazine for only £4.00 Released on In stores and Online Since January 29th 2015
4 years in The making this Mascara is a must! I was very excited to give this a try. It curled my lashes which i have great trouble. When a mascara claims to do something i really hold them to it, as alot of mascara are a huge let down but im super impressed with Benefits New Edition
and whilst tested on over 31 women for 4 weeks the results were
97% of women said it visibly lifts lashes**
87% said it gives long-lasting curl**
94% said eyes look more wide open**
I found that this Mascara didn’t clump and was a dream to apply lasting a whole 8-9 Hours plus the curl
it claims the curl will last for a whooping 12 hours but i beg to differ i guess it depends on the Humidity, Oils under your eyes and your Job i reckon if you stay in one place all day doing absolutely nothing then yes i guess your mascara would last the 12 hours as claimed. 😀
But with 8-9 hours wear this is more than enough for me personally
 according to Benefit New Mascara you dont need a curler for you lashes anymore i totally agree. Throw them curlers away this Mascara is your new best friend
I love the Mascara Head its different and whilst its called the ”HOOK N ROLL”

The custom designed hooks are to help catch, lift and curl the lashes
This is the new revolutionary Mascara and its definitely a winner in my eyes
I just Love The packaging and Benefit is surely known for their quirky, Pin up  and jazzy designs
Such a cute idea for using hair curlers as the Bottle Design is different fun, fresh and new Love it!
Mine is a sample From Elle but will be snatching it up asap when released late Feb/Early March 2015
You can get yours from Online Click on here as a one off Purchase £5.00 Includes p&p
and if your lucky enough when you subscribe for 12 issues of Elle for £18 you get 2 free Benefit Gifts worth £47 Benefit Puff Off instant eye gel worth £22.50 & Benefit Its Potent £24.50
(First Elle Issue will be the April Edition out march 5th)
 Copy & paste This Link into web browser
or you can call 0844 848 1601 and quote ref 1ES10464
(You have to be quick free to the first 1,200 People)
Thanks for reading

Battle Of The Mascaras


If your like me, who loves collecting and trying out new mascaras then i have a blog for you to read!

Mascaras are one of the main beauty Tools that define the eyes and help make our Beauty Looks come alive

Today i have 11 Mascara that i would like to share with you, after endless spending and buying i just cant seem to stick to the one Mascara

Its either i just haven’t found the ”ONE” or the other mascara got something that this mascara hasn’t

Just as a warning the word Mascara is going to be used quiet alot 🙂 hehe

Ok i have below a picture of all the Mascaras that im going to talk about, ranging from high end to boarderline and the affordable

I am the mascara Queen you name it I have had it, I have more Mascaras than this but as these are most used i would like to share my experience in using them and what they have to offer


This is going to be a long Blog, but if you like reading about Mascaras before buying this in depth Review is for you!


NAME: SmashBox Full Exposure


COLOUR:  Jet Black

PRICE: £19.00 / $20.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”: Inspired by the on-set technique of layering a lengthening fiber mascara over a volumising formula, our new studio-tested mascara exposes your longest, fullest lashes. No clumps, no flakes. Just maximum-impact, scene-stealing lashes.

  • 104% increase in lash volume
  • 32% increase in lash length
  • 34-degree increase in lash curl

VERDICT: This is a really good Mascara, great value for the amount you get. Its long wearing. It really does lift and curl your eyelashes for that achievable effect no need for falsies this is your Fake Eyelashes in a bottle! Full fanned out effect!

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: Josie Maran Black Oil

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 5g Travel Size

COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £9.00 / $22.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”: A highly effective and natural, argan oil treatment mascara that nourishes, lengthens, volumizes, lifts, and curls lashes for 24 hours

VERDICT: This is a another really good Mascara, Got it free with a purchase from Sephora online. Its long wearing.  Havent worn it for 24 hours to say it curls your lashes for that long but have worn it for a decent amount of 7 hours and it last all through. It really does curl your eyelashes for that falsies effect. Great deep black colour that instantly opens your eyes. Made without any nasties like  Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

Its cruelty free and Gluten free and made with organic Argan Oil

* – 94% saw an increase in lash length
* – 91% said lashes appeared conditioned
* – 94% said lashes appeared healthier after continued use
* – 82% experienced less lash loss during makeup removal

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara Charlotte Tilbury High End


COLOUR:  Glossy Black

PRICE: £22.00 / $22.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”:  Indulge in the ultimate 5 star luxury with my perfect 5-in-1 mascara, FULL FAT LASHES: curl, separation, volume, length, and drama. spent my entire life searching for the ultimate mascara?, and what it comes down to is they are a bit like men – you think you need 5 to keep you satisfied but actually you are really looking for The One. With Full Fat lashes I have found the perfect 5-in-1: a super luxe, XXL, multi-tasking mascara that creates the perfect “Full Fat Lash” to keep every girl satisfied… Some things in life just look better Full Fat – this includes your lashes!

VERDICT: This is a Mascara that i had high hopes for, Spent my Hard earned cash and didn’t get what i expected. I live in the UK and its been freezing cold lately but my Mascara doesn’t seem to want to stay on me it claims to be another long wearing Mascara but lasted for only 3-4 hours it stung my eyes a bit when it started to melt and gave me some sort of rash underneath my eyes, Must of had a reaction to this one. Its got a great Mascara Head and wand the application applies like a dream as you expect it to but it doesn’t have much staying power, the packaging is cute! and very glam reminds me of vintage 40’s Makeup with its rose gold and deep Burgundy colour

High End Mascara that is cruelty free

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here



NAME: Tom Ford Extreme Mascara High End


COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £34.00 / $44.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”: Tom Fords Luscious, Deep Black Mascara Magnifies the eye and intensifies your look. The Combination of the darkest carbon and lash filling powders work to transform lashes with optimal glamour and drama. A creamy Formula that last throughout the day with caking, clumping or crumbling

VERDICT: This High End Mascara was a huge let down and money wasted big time! It Claims to be long wearing but that’s not the case it lasted for around 3 hours before i started to look like someone had punched me in the eye. Its smudgy and not long lasting . It does curls your lashes for that long lash fake effect and has a Gorgeous deep black colour that complements the eyes but not worth the hype or the money to be quiet frank!

Beautiful packaging and the Mascara has alot of weight to it its nice to handle also

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: Kat Von D Immortal Lash


COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £15.00 / $20.00



LONGWEARING: (Claims to be 24 hour) No

”CLAIMS TO DO”: Power up lashes—to their potential—when you brush on this cutting-edge, 24-hour wear mascara. The first-of-its-kind, silicone Power Spiral brush and flexible wand hug the contours of lashes to enhance application control. The high-performance, three-in-one design features a spiked stem that thickens by coating each lash from root to end. The spiral bristles comb through lashes for intense length, and a spherical brush tip coats even the tiniest outer lash-ends—delivering powerful volume.

VERDICT: Bought this way back in summer from Sephora Onlin last year with very high expectations, its a great Mascara but nothing overly special it does not last 24 hours it claims to be. it last 4-5 hours max.  The packaging is lovely nice to handle

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: Yes! Enjoy Time


COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £6.00 / $4.40




”CLAIMS TO DO”: Dramatically lift lashes and enhance your natural curl with this defining, separating formula that imparts a glowing shine onto lashes It defines, separates, and enhances the natural look of lashes This mascara is great for the gym or beach, providing lift without the threat of accidental smudges, Great Benefit They’re Real Mascara

VERDICT: This Drug Store Mascara is amazing for what it is. A Korean Beauty Company called Memebox was the place where i found this little beauty. It last throughout the day without smudging and loosing its curl effect  It curls  and thickens your lashes The brush head is small but perfect enough to latch on to your lashes to coat them beautiful to get that fabulous lift and curl it really complements any eyes shape

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: DiorShow Lash Serum Mascara


COLOUR:  White

PRICE: £20.95 / $28.50




”CLAIMS TO DO”: The newest addition to the family of legendary Diorshow Mascaras, Diorshow Maximizer Lash Primer Serum instantly primes, plumps, and lengthens lashes with an ultralight and quick-drying formula. The first “active serum” mascara primer also contains a unique cell-conditioning complex made up of hydrolyzed soy proteins that promote long-term lash growth, strength, and vitality

VERDICT: This is my Fave by far the best Lash Serum that i have used. Have been using this little miracle in a bottle for around 2 months and has dramatically improved and lenghtened my eyelashes. My eyelashes are quiet thin and short but from reading and hearing about it from a lovely youtuber i could not resist and gave it a go and have not looked back since its the best and whats even more amazing is that ive noticed my eyebrows have been growing and thats crazy! i have not used this on my eyebrows but they have grown in the first time in about 6 years! i have nearly no eyebrows and pencil them in but since been using this beauty its somehow made my eyebrows grow! Most definitely a stroke of genius

To be used on its own at night time or underneath your fave mascara

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends you can buy yours here


NAME: Burberry Effortless Volumising Lash Enhancer Mascara


COLOUR:  No.1 Midnight Black

PRICE: £21.50 / $28.50




”CLAIMS TO DO”: Burberry Effortless Mascara provides lash volume and coverage for all looks from day to evening

This versatile mascara contains marine plant glycogen that accelerates fibre growth and strengthens the lashes, whilst providing effortless definition

A protective film forms on the surface of the lash and shields against humidity, rain and heat

VERDICT: This is a decent High End Mascara that i have used. Have been using this on and off its nothing special but it still a good mascara. Gives you some lift and thickens your lashes, its a cheaper High End Mascara at £21.50 last longer than most High End But not all day would i say. Claims to last against heat which is not entirely true it does smudge to some extent but nothing major like Tom Ford i get around 4-5 hours use at its best

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends im not sure where you can buy?!


NAME: Benefit They’re Real Mascara

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 3ml/ 5ml and 8.5ml

COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £9.50 /£19.50 /$10.00 / $23.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”:  Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara is the mascara that’s beyond belief! This jet-black mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts & separates lashes for a spectacular “out-to-here” look.
The exclusive brush is specially designed to maximise the performance of the long-wearing, glossy formula-revealing lashes you never knew you had! Staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length & volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift, define & curl even your tiniest lashes.
The end result… luxurious, silky lashes that won’t smudge, clump or dry out.


VERDICT: One of the best Mascara i have used ever! Have been using this on and off but it still a good mascara. Gives you some lift  and fans out those eyelashes for the fake eyelash look its long wearing but does smudge when in contact with humidity and slight heat. It last for around 5-6 hours before it starts to melt and bundle in corners of my eye. Its a pain to wash off but with its eyelash effect you see past this.

This mascara is better than most high end mascaras and worth its price tag for sure!

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends by yours here



NAME: Gucci Mascara


COLOUR:  Black

PRICE: £27.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”:  The Opulent Volume Mascara defines and frames the eye using exclusive brush technology for exceptional separation and volume. The lightweight, sculptable formula rapidly builds volume, while the cutting edge brush design ensures that the product works across various lash types to emphasize eyes for a powerful, lasting impression. Flake, smudge and smear resistant formula’s top layer dries quickly to form a surface helping to separate and build volume



VERDICT: Overrated Mascara which smears and clumps and smudges it only lasted 3-4 hours its crumbles literally alot! its messy and not worth the price tag at all! the packaging is Fab that’s far as it goes. This is a dry formula mascara and gets even more dryer within a month till its not useable big let down

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends by yours here


NAME: Magnibres Brush On Fals Lashes


COLOUR:  White Fibres

PRICE: £20.00




”CLAIMS TO DO”:  No glue, no mess, no fuss. Just glamour. Magnifibres is the perfect solution for those who love long, big, captivating eye lashes but don’t like the hassle of false lashes. 100 per cent natural brush-on fibres create an immediate and stunning false lash effect – achieving length and volume beyond belief. Magnifibres are very easy to apply and since they stick to your actual lashes they look completely natural.

VERDICT: This is a really good Fake Temporary Mascara enhancer its like coating your lashes in wool it crazy but fun to apply just dont get it in your eye or it will sting and be unpleasant. Its a bit messy but once you get the hang of using it its second to none, you use it under your fave mascara and it really builds and fans your lashes by 5mm longer its a great fake Falsies in a bottle! love using it

UK Beauties by yours here

My overseas friends not sure where you can get it?! will update soon

Thanks for reading


Sephora Haul Lashstash Gift Set 2014

Sephora Haul

When i found out Sephora  U.S  was selling to the U.K going back some months i was over the moon

I’d always wanted to buy from Sephora there are some really great items that you just cant get in the UK and their gifts sets are truly delightful

Its my 3rd time ive ordered from Sephora Online Since.  Its easy and fast

The delivery only takes 3-4 days no matter what day you buy your products, weekday or weekend

So today my 3rd order arrived, if you don’t already know im a complete Mascara Junkie

I love trying new and old Mascara’s. Its one Makeup item i can not live without!


So i ordered myself the Holiday Gift called ”Lashstash’‘ Filled with 10 Top Mascara’s and 1 Eye makeup remover

You get two Full Size Mascara’s and the Rest are Travel Sizes

* Buxom 6ml

* Lancome Drama  4ml

* Benefit they’re Real Macara   1.42g

* Josie Maran Black Oil  5ml

* Kat Von D 3ml

* Sephora Collection 2ml

* Clinique Dual End with Lash Primer 2ml & 2.4g Full Size

* YSL Volume effect Baby Doll 2ml

* Urban Decay Perverison 2.5ml

* Smashbox 9.5ml Full Size

* Sephora Collection Eye Makeup remover 25ml

All come presented Neatly in a cute Boxed which flips open just like a book

It Cost $45 which Equals to £29.00

But Valued at $118 worth of items



Also when you shop with Sephora (Because im a beauty insider) you collect points which go towards rewards so you can treat yourself

I had 300 points and was able to Add 3 Makeup extra to my basket, again i chose 3 Mascaras

* Marc Jacobs 3g

* Buxom Mascara Bar + Full & Fab Brush Tip 5ml

* Perversion 3ml

 I also had a promo code and was able to get another Mascara free

* Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara 5ml

Plus you get to choose 3 beauty samples at the checkout also

* Too Faced Light/Medium Coca Powder

* Make up for ever HD Primer 1.5ml

* Cover FX Cream Concealer In N Light /N Medium /N Deep


I really love buying Sephora, My order came super quick Ordered On Monday 13th Arrived Thursday 16th morning Via Express delivery DHL Fully Tracked Service

You also don’t get any nasty Extra Tax/Custom surprises at the door because you pay your tax at checkout

I love their Holiday Value Gift Sets and hoping to purchase some as Christmas Gifts soon

Thanks for reading