Glossybox March Mini Review 2015


Once again its that time, another new Glossybox arrives

If you dont already know , but you probably do Glossybox is a Monthly Subscription Beauty Service Box ranging from Makeup, Skincare to Beauty related Cosmetics

It Cost £10.00 + £3.25 P&P Per Month They have other Payment options

They use royal mail 48 hour service as their delivery couriers


So March box is here and i have to say im pretty let down, in terms of Brands used and the lack of imagination

The value of this months box is £34

* Carmex Moisture Lip balm Tinted

* Naobay Moisturizing Peeling

* NCLA Los Angeles Nail Polish in colour (Santa Monica Shore thing)

* Dove Hair Care shampoo & Conditioner 50ml each For aging hair

* Essence Lash Princess Mascara Black

Overall its a dismal box, the mascara is one thing that really let me down, bad ingredients cheap tatty pound shop makeup for Girls not women. so i passed this box onto a family friend straight away. The Naobay item looked intriguing but with sensitive skin atm and alot of breakout i dont think I’ll be using this product anytime soon my skin has been in alot of trouble since trying out new skincare and having too much of it lately in beauty boxes has quiet turned me off i have too much skincare that doesn’t get used. And filling out my beauty page survey and asking for no more nail polish i still funny enough get sent one? Do Glossybox ever listen?

So what did you think of this Months box? Yay or Nay?

(Next Month Spoiler is a Marilyn Monroe Inspired Box with Lord Berry Lip Crayon Lipstick as their feature for that Month)


Thanks for reading



6 thoughts on “Glossybox March Mini Review 2015

  1. Totally agree – I got the same box as you and feel really let down. Dove sample sizes, Carmex and a £3.30 mascara didn’t seem at all premium, more Superdrug. I also don’t wear much nail varnish and am sure the profile I submitted to Glossybox reflects this – but even if I did I wouldn’t wear this putrid green shade (which reminded me of Grotbags the witch if anyone else is old enough to remember that!) Seems like the bloggers received a much nicer orange/coral shade ;-/ I was bought my 3-month Glossybox subscription by a friend for my birthday in January – after two underwhelming boxes I won’t consider subscribing permanently unless the April box is MUCH better than the last two! I can understand why bloggers might rave about it receiving it for free but I think paying for it would give you a different opinion.

    1. They have totally gone down hill thats for sure! not like they use to be when they first started many good quality and high end brands im not very keen on their customer service either but thats another story. thank you for your comment and yes i hope next month is better if not i may just well be out of here x

  2. I feel so jaded toward Glossybox now, every month expecting it to be a better box and every month feeling let down! I don’t care for cheap full sized products personally, if I wanted to try them I could because of their low price tag! I want luxury samples (large sample sizes) of products that I couldn’t just afford to buy to “hope” I would like them! Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the point of glossybox? Luxury samples?!

    Over all this month is better for me than last, I’ve heard good things about the Naobay product line so I’m keen to try it!

    I fortunately received a bright bubble gum pink ncLA Polish called LIKE…TOTALLY VALLEY GIRL, very thankful to not have had a putrid green shade!!

    As for the Pout Paint, I’m bored of it! This is the fourth Pout Paint I have had in a glossybox all the same colour!

    I hate that we received the Dove shampoo and conditioner as part of our box and not an added extra as other boxes have this month!

    I’ve also noticed it’s very hard to find a review online now this is not a PR sample and completely biased!!!

    Great review, I shall definitely be popping back next month for your opinion!

    Charlie x

    1. Thank you for your comment, i agree its changed big time and the contents are lacking in excitement and imagination, i would love to see new brands but overall better quality products. its lost somthing cant say what because theres so much is has lost as a whole. thankyou and have a lovely day x

  3. Such a shame you didn’t like this month’s box, although I got a couple of different variations. I wasn’t too impressed visually but when I tried some of the products I was pleasantly surprised. Hope next month is better for you x

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