Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Flat Contour Brush


Since ive heard that Sam & Nic who Last month revealed they have brand new brushes coming out, i was ecstatic, over the moon! But its taken me so long to get my hands on them!

Here in the UK they are available to buy through Boots

Which is our major drugstore chain for anything beauty, health and food related

so a month later yay finally got my hands on the one and only which ive been lusting for ages!

The Bold metal 301 Flat Contour Brush


Designed for creating ”Shadows” ”Contouring” ”Bronzing” and ”Highlighting”

To give you that polished off chizzled look

Have to say this brush is amazing! Its more luxurious and advanced than the other set of  Real Technique makeup brushes that both Sam & Nic have created in the past

£22 For this contour is 60% more than the regular old standard brushes by Real techniques

The design is cute! not so keen on the other Colours of the Makeup brushes but what i do love is the brush head it’s perfect and i love that they have used the finest of synthetics so it really feels super real to touch and buffs the Makeup onto your skin as if it was always there, never any harsh lines just perfect Colour where needed looks natural and amazing!

UK Friends get yours here

Oversea Friends get your here


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