Estee Lauder Little Black Primer Mascara First Impression Review




Around 5 days ago i heard that a new Primer was coming to the Market

but not any old primer a new Black Primer that’s a 3 in 1

Estee Lauder is an amazing brand one that i love so much i really like their foundation which are the best to me personally

So what makes this Mascara Primer different from any other Mascara??!

*Works in 3 ways (Tints, Amplifies and Set’)

* Tints Thin Eyelashes for that No Makeup Look It amplifies as a primer and boosts volume, lift, and length to allow mascara to look its best

* As a base to create volume under your regular mascara

* As a protective top coat to set over your Mascara and make them Water resistant, more smudge proof and longer-wearing it helps reduce flaking of your Mascara

* The Colour is Black Not White Like other Lash Primer


COLOUR:  LBP01 Black

PRICE: £20.00 / $24.00


WATERPROOF: water resistant



My Verdict

Im amazed by this product From usuing it the first time i could not believe the results, Wearing my Regular Mascara  underneath helps to achieve the fanned out volume Lift curl effect. And as a Top coat it works wonders to any old Mascara making it last longer than wearing your Mascara alone. The Brush head is smaller than most Brushes leaving you thinking how is it ever going to make my lashes look more volumized, but it does i quiet like Mascara heads like this as it reaches those hard to get places and coats them beautiful latching onto your lashes grabbing each one to lift and Maximize it for that doll wide eyed look its marvelous at doing this. I got around 8-9 hour wear from using The LBP over top my Regular mascara it gave it that needed boost and hold.

I have quiet thin and straight lashes and its hard to find a primer that lifts and adds the Va va voom to your lashes

So if you want dramatic lashes then girlies this one is for you, You’ll be thanking me later 🙂


  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers

Only exclusive to Boots in the UK here Right now!

Official release in the UK 4th Feb 2015 At Estee Lauder Online here

For My Lovely Overseas Friends buy yours here


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