1st Ever Tom Ford Makeup Haul / Mini Review 2015


Tom Ford Haul/Mini Review


Ive seen and heard so much from Tom Ford Brand but could never afford this exquisite Makeup line

Until Christmas just gone i was given mainly money and gift cards for Xmas

I took the Plunge and made my purchase, so here today i have is, a Haul and Mini Review

I bought my Items from House Of Fraser

There are other places in the Uk that sell This brand are

* Selfridges

* Harrods

* John Lewis

*  Tom Ford Lip Colour ”Nude vanille” £37.00

* Tom Ford Beauty Extreme Mascara ”Raven” £34.00

* Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil ”Espresso” £26.00

* Tom Ford Cheek Colour  ”02 Frantic Pink £46.00

The outer box packaging is just so divine the Gold and black is really a statement eye catcher! The logo TF is embossed on the products and the Lipstick has this, which looks utterly gorge! hate to smudge it so took pictures before i did start to use it 🙂 Tom Ford Products have such superb detailing The Products have the utmost quality and craftsmanship its somthing that i love when it comes to Makeup im a huge sucker for packaging and this one wins 🙂




Tom Ford Nude 12 Vanille

This Lipstick is just so stunning the quality in Looks, feel and touch is amazing, super heavy has the perfect weight to handle with Gold and black Colouring. Very vintage and Hollywood Glam

You get about 3g Worth of product . Priced at £37.00 its quiet expensive but these Tom Ford Lipsticks have a special and unique kind of ingredient 

Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and camomilla flower oil create an ultra creamy texture within incredibly smooth application

This Tom Ford Lipstick is buttery, Creamy, seeps and melts into your Lips doesn’t cake or emphasize your dry areas and its Long lasting. My go to Nude Stunning and  fabulous 10/10 For this one!



Tom Ford Beauty Extreme Mascara Colour Raven

Ive tried and tested this Mascara, as im a huge Mascara Fan and to be quiet frank a Mascara Junkie to be exact!

This Mascara says its a  ”luscious, deep black mascara that magnifies the eyes and intensifies your look. The combination of darkest black carbon and lash-filling powders works to transform lashes with optimal glamour and drama. A creamy formula that lasts throughout the day without caking, clumping or crumbling”

Now what i can tell you from my using experiences is that this mascara smudges quiet heavy and doesn’t last you much time at all, around 3 hours if your lucky. Priced at £34.00 you expect it to do the lot but this is another very overly hyped product that just doesn’t live up to its expectation neither is price value i would say its one of the worse mascara ive used but yet the thing that i do love about it is its application. This Mascara Applies like a dream and the brush head is one of the best brushes ive used, which makes this the biggest/ saddest regret ever such a shame because like the Lipsticks Tom Ford Makeup Line is just amazing to hold and look at!

I give this 4/10 Ive had better Mascara’s which have been cheaper, i expected alot more from this



Tom Ford Eye Defining Eyeliner Pencil ”Espresso”

I love how this comes with a very handy pencil sharpener as this is such a vital tool that one beauty enthusiast needs for sure. Its not a good looking sharpener for being a ”TOM FORD” Product it works and also has some weight to it its not plastic lets just say!

Priced at £26, this is again another product that i would not normally pay the high amount but as im still looking for that Holy Grail Eyeliner im sad to say this is another item that didn’t live up to its mark Most certainly paid for the Name on this one 😦

It lasted for about 2 hours before it started to pile up at the corners of my eyelids. Its smudgy and gives you Panda eyes! Not good! dont like! but if your going for that look! then wayhey! and smokey eye looks!

I do love the Colour its a dark espresso coffee colour

Again applies like a dream nice to handle but doesn’t last long and wouldn’t not stand a chance in humidity conditions… i would say…

I would Score this 4/10 Quiet a let down, It last long on my Hand when swatched but doesn’t seem to stay on my waterline. I must have very acid watery eyes! 😦






Tom Ford Cheek Colour Blush 02 Frantic Pink

This Blusher was Fun to use! I loved it it lasted all day, say about 8 hours straight! very long lasting and glides beautifully

Its says ”This sumptuous powder blush delivers layers of possibility, from a sexy glow to a more dramatic, color-rich look. Formulated with spherical pearls and rich emollients, it glides onto skin with the comfort of a cream, achieving outstanding luminosity and a velvety transparency”

Its a beauty! Comes gorgeously wrapped in a fabric brown bag! So Posh!

Priced at £46 again quiet pricey but its the first blusher that has lasted this long on me

I score this a very big 10/10 best blusher i own!

My Verdict

Was it the right choice or best investment?! Tom Ford High End Class Cosmetic has its up and downs, one of the most expensive makeup brands i own so far

Its still a beautiful makeup brand with high quality in some of its products but your paying for the Name i guess on some makeup. Its appearance and packaging material is amazing! very glam, heavy and most of all stunning! i love this look/packaging reminds me of the 40’s area

whats your views on Tom Fords Makeup?

let me know!

Until Next time

Thanks for Reading




3 thoughts on “1st Ever Tom Ford Makeup Haul / Mini Review 2015

  1. I started drooling as soon as I saw your front-page image. I’m sorry the eyeliner and mascara didn’t work out as well as you had hoped, but, WOW, the lipsticks and blush look amazing!

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