Gucci Makeup Luxury Haul 2014 Overall Review


When i heard sometime ago, around July/August that Gucci was launching  their first ever makeup collection line, i was pretty overwhelmed and could not wait to get my hands on some

But as time passed i kinda forgot about it until Mid October

So i treated myself to some Makeup items, as Gucci Is on the pricey side. Its not something that you can buy lots of unless you can afford it maybe

So i Placed my order on the 16th October and my order arrived the next day. Gucci Uses UPS as the shipment Courier, also its free Delivery to the U.K  which is a bonus

I have to say i had a few problems with Gucci as i was missing a product upon arrival. Which was super annoying as this was my first order from them

Their Customer Service is really not great, Gucci Customer Service team Is based in Italy, Florence and im still to this day present trying to resolve this missing item issue, the communication is terrible, the way ive been treated is awful so it lead me no choice but to contact paypal so i had to file a dispute and its been one big nightmare

and with accusing UPS for this item that im missing, which is so not true as my box had not been tampered with, i having to wait until Gucci Investigate this. So no product and out of pocket since the 16th im really not one happy bunny

Gucci represent Luxury but their customer service tells and shows me otherwise and doesn’t reflect This. It has put me off buying again, the explaining and the headache is just so not worth it

But with that said lest jump right into what i bought

* Iconic Black Opulent Mascara £27

* Iconic Black Impact Long Wear Eye Pencil £19

* Soft Peach Sheer Blushing Powder £37


They Came sealed in plastic Gucci Wrap with the Logo Printed along and put inside a Beautiful Brown Gucci Embossed Gift Bag

The Returns label and order note also came in a posh Milk Tea Colour Envelope

The Presentations is really lovely and very luxurious



Gucci Has over 183 Products ranging from Nail polishes, Eyeshadow, Lipsticks, Mascara and even some skincare its surely a glamorous collection

The packaging looks amazing and stunning just what you would want to see from Gucci

Im yet to use my makeup as it looks too good to ruin or touch, but when i do all swatches will be posted here soon

So there it is, my Gucci Haul. Its such a shame as i really wanted to buy a few more items in the future but as their customer service is literally diabolical and item missing its really put me off

i just hope somewhere else other than Gucci Will start to sell their makeup, if anyone knows please sure to let me know down below in the comment bar

thanks for reading




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