Glossybox Pop Art Edition October UK 2014

Glossybox Pop Art Edition

October 2014


Last Month Glossybox Revealed that the next month edition was going to be Andy Warhol Inspired

Which leads us to this Months October Box as Pop Art Edition

4 cartoon Coloured Box designs Versions and my one came in a bright yellow Box

I really love the design this month very eye catching bold and bright,  this is my best Glossybox Design Yet


So with a colourful box you expect colourful contents right?  Whilst this box is colourful the contents inside was rather dull on the colouring side that is, but still a great box filled with fantastic brands and all of which i will use

Glossybox cost £10.00 + £3.25 (Delivery Royal Mail 48 hour delivery)

This month we had 6 items

4 Full Size and 2 Samples

Each Box was promised a  total value of £50 Worth But i think mine is under that



The French Glossybox Fans had this box design for their September edition box last month

It featured a Nars Makeup Item, i was really hoping maybe us Brits would of had it in our edition this month but we didnt 😦

That was a bit of a let down, but the contents are still good for our October box. I did get my hopes up though

This Month Glossybox trialed for the first time in sending our contents card in an email instead of a leaflet in our boxes

but as many people sign up, to gift these Glossybox as presents it would mean that they will be the ones in getting the email from Glossybox about the contents card which causes bit of an inconvenience

whilst its a good idea  because it means money spent elsewhere that glossybox needs to  but maybe a hassle for others i guess

I kinda missed the Contents card as i sometime have problems with my internet so its not always a reliable source  if i ever need to get access to my contents card


Ok Onto the Products

* NUXE Masque 24 hour dehydrating fresh mask  Full Size Item 50ml £19.50

* CIATE  Skinny Jeans (Blue) Nail Polish Full Size Item 13.5ml  £9

* SO SUSAN Black Flutter Mascara Full Size Item 4g £14.95

* ETRE BELLE Lip Exfoliate Liplift Peel Full Size Item 15ml £3.60

* YVES ROCHER Quelques Notes d’Amour Perfume Sample 5ml

* BB CREAM RIMMEL (Colour Light) Sample Size 8ml

(Mine valued to £47.05 Few £’s Under the promised Value)

There was a spoiler card in our boxes saying that the November Edition will have the Brand Name ”Lollipop Paris” Black Silk Eyeliner

One will be in every November Box Worth £11

It was a pretty good box this month, everything will get used besides The BB cream is a tad too dark even though its ”Light” but i guess i can work with it… Maybe…

Interested in Glossybox?

Thanks for reading



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