Exante Diet Simple Weight Loss VLCD Review

Simple Weight Loss


If your like me trying to find the best or the right diet plan its quiet hard or even finding the tastiest! it can be an overwhelming and complete nightmare experience 

I was introduced to the Exante diet by my friend Vicki brown a beauty (YT Guru and Vlogger) a while back she did a video review about it here 

as ive tried so many but never really stuck to it because of the taste or being limited to what you can eat

So then a couple of weeks later i was contacted by the Lovely Jessica SEO From Exante themselves 

and was given the opportunity to try a few things from this very diet myself

and boy am i glad that i did! Thank you Jessica!!!

What is the Exante Diet?…


Exante Diet is a VLCD meal replacement plan that is simple to follow as well as being safe and effective

(VLCD Stands for very low calorie diet)

There is lots more info on the Exante Website here


What i really like about this diet is the fact that it has so many ideas and foods you can try, its not just the bars or the protein drinks your limited too 

They even have pancakes!! Porridge and hot meals you can make from spaghetti to scrambled eggs also when it comes to diets you cant drink squash or juices as they contain too much sugars or calories but with Exante they have created a Drink Mix which can be used with still or sparking water  and comes in variety if flavours your not limited at all. Such a wide range of products to try!

and most of all the taste, is the one thing i struggle with when it comes to diets, they either taste like cardboard or plastic and thats something i don’t want to taste or feel like im eating in the long run


I quiet like the packaging also its modern, straight to the point and believable 

Its very much appealing and i really like that

With the Exante diet you include your own additional meal, Plus alot of their products are totally suitable  for vegetarians also 

The  Nutrition bars contain more protein than carbs as alot of protein or health bars have very high carb content but this Chocolate Orange Bar that i was given to try has more protein and that is one of the thing i look for when eating bars like this Considering its contains oats and Nuts

Exante Diet meal replacement products per day, provides you with 100% of your RDA for vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Its got everything you need to keep your body healthy


Starting Exante Diet is no hassle and can be done in minutes. all you need is 3 Exante Diet meal replacement products every day on all of our diet plans. And you can have any 3 Exante Diet products a day, as they all have the same calorie count!

Im very happy i was able to try this diet, its different your not limited and most of all it taste good!! 

Also its affordable! at £1.59 a drink sachet and hot food meal you cant go wrong! 

If your trying to find a diet, why not give Exante Diet a go it might just surprise you 

also they have lots of deals on their website 

Thanks for reading



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