My Boutique Box New Beauty box ”Launch Box” August 2014

My Boutique box

Hi Lovelies! 

Today i have a brand new Beauty box that i will be talking about, the ”My Boutique box” 

This box is a new beauty box born in the UK

The Launch date was on the 16th August and only Limited boxes were available 

It sold out within day 2 or 3 not too sure but it did sell out quickly 

I would just like to say i had very high hopes for this box. I was very hyped for this as it took forever to come out since the announcement was made going back in Early June and it was exciting to hear a brand new box was on the market, as some old ones are just Blahhh….

The box cost £10 + £3.95 shipping

Its a pound more than most boxes and they use Royal Mail 2nd class recorded as their shipment

There was a tweet on their social media saying all boxes will be delivered by the 27th August, but my box was dated the 29th and received on Monday1st

Many boxes are still being sent out now, so i don’t know what they mean by (All boxes will be shipped by the 27th)

The box itself is white 6.5 x 6 x 2.5 inches with the ”My Boutique Logo” on the front which is a just a sticker


The box itself is a cheap white average cardboard box

The contents was and is rather dull, it didn’t excite me at all it was pretty crap upon opening 

It says and most beauty boxes do this, the Contents value is always higher than the £10 we pay, but in this case it barley totals past £10 its rather appalling!

When my box arrived, i was missing a product but to be quiet frank it wasn’t something worth loosing sleep over….. Vaseline lip balm tin. WOW!

I emailed and a replacement was sent out received 4 days later, along with another NYC Nail polish 😀 

The boxes were supposed to include a product guide but due to a factory error meant some boxes, including my own, went overlooked so this was emailed to us instead


The contents are

* NYC ‘In a New York Minute’ Quick Dry Nail Polish £1.79

* Azure Internationale Spa Collagen Woven Facial Mask £2.95

*Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream £1.99

* W7 Angled Eye Shadow Brush £2.99

* Vaseline Lip Therapy £1.49

The products are not in trend, was very disappointed by the lack of imagination and idea around the items 

It looked like pound shop jobbies thrown in a box

It wasn’t presented enough awful first time experience, I was missing product Plus no contents card 

Dont know how they went wrong considering they only had a set amount of boxes to sell for the Launch box so no mistakes really should of happened

I have cancelled my subscription its just not good enough for me to continue the items are rubbish and it wasn’t excitable enough! in fact its the worse box ive had Ever really . Cheap products the whole box is missing alot of something…

what do you guys think of this new beauty box? 

Thanks for reading


12 thoughts on “My Boutique Box New Beauty box ”Launch Box” August 2014

  1. Oh I am really glad I didn’t get one now! I really thought about it, but I wasn’t sure whether to give such a new company a go or not and then it sold out! Definitely won’t be getting one any time soon if this is what they’re including x

  2. It is utter rubbish, complete waste of money :/
    Trying to cancel my subscription and they have disappeared from facebook and web site also disappeared????
    what on earth is up with that x

  3. Yes, I cancelled too. Don’t worry about not getting a product card – it was a typed sheet of A4 with the list of the items – I haven’t had an email so I’m assuming that was the card. I agree, worst box I’ve ever had (and to say I’m addicted to beauty boxes is probably a understatement). xx

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