Memebox #6 Scentbox Sweet Shop

Memebox Scentbox

Sweet Shop

MemeBox is a Korean beauty one off buy box . It’s not really a subscription, though they do have their original “Global” box which is released every month.They release so many different boxes each week, and lately sometimes daily. But you have to be quick since they’ve grown rapidly their boxes don’t seem to stay in stock for long.

Memebox (in Korean that’s 미미박스, pronounced “mi-mi-box”) is a beauty box service based in Korea.), They release a new mystery box each month and you can choose whether or not you want to buy it. Memebox currently ships internationally to Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA 21 Countries in total.

The boxes range from

-Memebox Global Edition- ($23) 6-10 items in box

– Luckybox- ($23) 4-5 items

-Superbox- ($32+) 4-8 items

-Ltd Edition Boxes- ($23+) 4-8 items

The Postage prices are $6.99 Standard International Mail Takes around 15-22 days

Express Shipping EMS/DHL $25.99 takes around 3-7 days

Memebox also has an online shop for various Korean beauty products at reasonable prices, plus free shipping on orders $70+

I didn’t Pay any tax/Custom Duties at all. This was one of the very things that concerned me, but As these boxes are under $25 =£15 You don’t pay any customs at all and shouldn’t do.





This box was dispatched Via EMS/Standard International Mail $6.99 Took around 6 days to arrive. Even though it states 15-25 days 😀

This box is not in stock

Memebox do bring back boxes in stock now and then so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Lets see what i got…..

This box contained 4 items

All are Full Size/Deluxe samples. The Box cost $15.00 + Shipping off $6.99 but is worth around $49

I had some Meme points so got this box for $5.99  in total thats including the shipping price Around £3.64

This box didn’t surprise me enough, although we were told 3 items but infact we got 4 instead which is quiet nice

The box overall wasn’t Sweet Shop Enough for me maybe i had high expectations, although i do like the Hope Girl Lip Balm, but two out of 4 items  were repeats which ive already got in past boxes


Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3 
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

Their are no Money off coupons as of yet for this September, once told will add them here


5 thoughts on “Memebox #6 Scentbox Sweet Shop

    1. Yeah same ive had the lips mask a while back so there no biggy to me as ive already had a few before but the lip balm smells Luscious and the Diamond scrub looks good but it contains glitter might look like a disco ball! Aha!

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