Memebox Shop Order Y.E.T Yes! Enjoy Time Haul August 2014


AKA ‘Yes Enjoy Time’ Korean’s Popular Cosmetics 

Makeup Goodies! 

Today i received my Memebox Shop order Number 4 of the Famous Y.E.T Korean beauty Makeup!

First i just like to say, Im a huge sucker for Cute, Girly, Fun and Very Bazaar packaging Because… C’mon don’t you think thee above packaging looks so eye candy or what! 

I bought these products when Memebox had a sale plus some extra points i got these bad boys for a really and i mean really cheap price! ohh yeah! 

Okay so what is Y.e.t.  it Stands for Yes enjoy time , is a high quality Korean makeup (Cosmetics/ beauty skin care line) its aimed at the Strong fun confident woman/Girl!

Or in my case a big grown up women who never says no to cute packaging 🙂 

Lets talk about the products……


 Y.E.T Do It Chu Lipstick $10.00

Colour:  Wink Pink

* This creamy-textured lip stick wears perfectly on your lips by finely covering all the wrinkles without any caking or smudging

*Develops the exact color you see! Impactfully catches all eyes with intense, vivid color! The moment you touch it on your lips, it will instantly melt and spread on the surface. The more touch you give, the more vivid the color develops

* Softly wears upon your delicate lips and peacefully relieves dry lips with enriched moisturizing


Y.E.T Cutey Lip Balm $4.00

Colour : Strawberry

*Very Moisturizing , soothes and plump chapped lips

  * Tinted lip balm with yummy Strawberry fragrance available in 3 colours



Y.E.T Shy Girl Loose Blusher 7g  $7.00

Colour: Coral Pink

* Colours cheeks with naturally with vivid and a lovely colour

* Stay put wont be removed by sebum and sweat, stay long on skin

I’m a real big fan of Y.E.T Cosmetics so far and have bought lots from this Korean Makeup company

At  such a decent price this line of brand is amazing and really does work

All opinions are my own I really recommend YE.T Korean makeup/beauty if your a huge makeup fan

You can still get Y.E.T Makeup online at Memebox at such a great price

Memebox are always having sales  so keep you eye out they just might be on sale again!

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