Beauty’in Beauty Blast Shake Drinks 2014

Beauty’in Drinks


Lately ive been fascinated by all the healthy eating and drinking options that are out there, mostly because as im getting older i want to start taking good care of my body inside and out

I have  a really bad habit of being lazy when it comes to choosing the right choices of food. Mostly because i like things that are quick and dont need time to make so i reach out for chocolate bars, crisp and sugary drinks which is not so good if you do this all the time. Like me 😦 

I pretty much need all the help i can get, though i’m a great lover of vegetables but i do need to start eating more fruit and Vitamins! 

Okay so what am i reviewing today?

Right… i heard about these Beauty’in Drinks from a good friend on YouTube called Vicki brown, an amazing beauty Guru and online freind! She attended a beauty show going back a few months and i saw these beauty drinks that she was talking about, and knowing me anything that and makes you youthful or more beautiful im always easily sucked in  

Beauty’in Drinks are created by Brazilian beauty expert and entrepreneur Cristiana Arcangeli. Beauty’in is a range of drinks that contain vitamins and supplements to aid the body’s natural performance (with no added sugar, preservatives or nasties) when consumed daily as part of a skincare plan. Not only do they taste great, but they’ve been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase radiance too.   (Oh yes please!!)

Available in many different flavours from Aloe Vera and Cucumber & Lemon flavours, Lychee & White Tea to Mulberry, passion fruit and lemon & lemon grass your sure to find a flavour that tantalise your taste buds 



The bottle itself only contains mineral water and the magic happens when you pierce the cap to release the flavour (Blast Shake Drink) (This is where the Vitamins are stored in the foil cap)- it’s essential that you wait for it to thoroughly mix by giving it a good old shake!  Each bottle has its own unique flavour and Contains different Vitamins like Vitamin E, D AND B6. Each bottle s contains Collagen to help keep your skin looking youthful Hence its called beauty drink 😀



You do have to ensure you consume the entire drink within three hours of opening to ensure the nutrients are still effective, but as they are so tasty you would have drunk it pretty quickly 

Beauty’in Drinks are really good for you as they contain 0% Preservatives, No artificial Dyes and Contain no sodium! Beauty’in Drinks Not only offers a tasty alternative to other sugary drinks but have a hit of goodness and long term skin benefit, and they sure help keep you hydrated and ready to face your day ahead! 

These are quiet hard to get hold of as they are now out of stock at Selfridges In the UK

But places like Harvey Nichols , ebay and Amazon do sell these little bottles of goodness so go and get yours whilst you can 🙂


Thanks for reading





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