Nakd Natural Snack Bars Review 2014


These Tasty Nakd Bars were sent to me by the Lovely Andrianna at Total media For review, from an amazing Company called Natural Balance Foods 

which is a website filled with healthy choices of food for snacking 

Ive always been a Fan of Nakd Bars and always favoured them over any other healthy bars that are out there because….

The bars are 

* Gluten Free    * Dairy free 

* Wheat Free    * Nothing Artificial 

* Never Backed * 100% Vegan

I like that fact that these bars dont contain any nasties like preservatives, Colorants, E Numbers or any other hard reading words that make no sense!


Also if your interested in reading about Wheat free diet This page is filled with lots of infomation from Natural Balance Foods Website

One major factor that i love is that these Nakd Bars contain only natural occurring sugars (NO ADDED SUGAR!) as If you was eating straight from the fruit itself


These Nakd bars Come in arrange of tasty and exciting Flavours, From ginger bread to Pecan pie, Cashew Cookie and if you like your chocolate but still want to eat something on the healthier side also than the Cocoa Delight is just for you! 

So if you love eating, Nourishing, healthy, raw whole foods that taste good and do good then click here  and whats even more great is that these beauties are 1 of your 5 a day Yay 🙂

Thanks for reading 




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