Ohso Good For You Chocolate 2014


Good For You Chocolate



Going back when Latest in beauty (Beauty Box company) had their ”Hip & Healthy” beauty box sent out this August i noticed these little ”Healthier for you” Chocolate bars in the box but really didn’t give it a thought but reading so many good reviews lately on this beauty box i had to jump right in and go to their website to find more about these ”Healthier” Chocolate

If your like me and love chocolate but always got that guilt feeling of eating chocolate is bad for you then these bars are great for you! They are on the smaller side but with great taste and just enough to please your taste buds they are a perfect treat!

I bought myself the 7 day pack which was a mixture of the Classic bars & Orange flavor 

whilst the cost is normally £3.99 with free shipping i was able to get the offer on my first order for £1.99 with free shipping

you can have these delivered weekly like a subscriptions or a one off order and cancel at any time!

you choose the date you want these to be dispatched on the Menu then patiently wait 2 days, as these are sent 2nd class mail through royal mail

you don’t have to be in for these as they fit perfectly though your mail/post box

Ok right onto Why are these better over any other chocolate out there….

* They are 13.5g Bars perfect and small for on the go and great for your hips! 🙂

* 72 cals per bar (63 cals in their no added sugar bars Red coloured pack)

* Contains around billion good for you live bacteria

* No added dairy, gluten, wheat and cholesterol free!

* Ohso is 3 x more effective than dairy drinks that contain friendly bacteria at delivery good bacteria to your intestine 

* Eating chocolate can lead to a calming effect on your state of mind

* Won an award in the Great tasting award 2013





Sounds interesting and considering buying get your first week and second weekly boxes Half price £1.99  here enter code OHSOLIB

These are great if your on a diet, as with all the good benefits you don’t feel guilty!  Plus there small enough for a taster but not so bad on your Gut!

Thanyou for reading




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