BH Cosmetics It’s Judy Time Eyeshadow palette

It’s Judy Time

Eyeshadow palette


I could not wait for this beauty to arrive! Constantly looking and starring out my window like some crazy lady 😀 awaiting for the post man to arrive

Ive always wanted to get my hands on this palette for such a long time

I emailed ”Beauty store 4 u” ( A UK retailer that sells Bh Cosmetics products)  when i heard that this beauty came out few months back I asked if it would be available in the UK, but was told no 😦 but yesterday i got an email saying that they were going to be selling the

”It’s Judy Time” palette

  I was so soooooo excited to receive!

If you don’t already know this palette was created by a YouTuber called Judy from ”It’s Judys life” and ”It’s Judy Time” she is a famous for her Beauty/vlogging Videos on YouTube

This was available to buy in America from the Bh Cosmetics online Store, but with the Postage and Import/Duties i wasn’t to sure and willing to spend that much

So i waited it out, hoping that Beauty Store 4 Would be selling it and they do now yay!!! 😀

The price of this was £19.95 I paid for Special Royal mail delivery which was £1.90! plus had extra 10% off code ”SAVE10NOW”  So around £19.85 In the End which is not pretty bad

They do free 1st class delivery on all orders and they ship abroad also. So if you want to get  your hands on this Palette at ”Beuatystore4u”  here do it fast they only have 9 Unite left in stock

I haven’t swatched the eyeshadow yet, as it just looks too nice to disturb but will upload pictures of these sometime this week





Im really looking forward to using this palette but in the meantime im admiring it for now

Like i said Only has 9 Units left so get yours now! Plus as its now being sold in the UK you don’t have to worry about import tax or Any added fees plus delivery is super fast also

Thanks for reading




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