Glossybox August 3rd Year Birthday 2014 UK



Today i had a knock at my door and it was the arrival of my Glossybox

I was super excited, as this months theme is the 3rd year Celebration of Glossybox

I also noticed that Glossybox has revamped their packaging and box and i must admit i quiet like it!

The outer packaging is black and a pink ribbon on the front, i really do hope the box stay like this as its different and new and i think that’s what Glossybox needs!



You will have to excuse the tackiness of my box, as it looks like its been on quiet a journey 😀

The box feels and looks slight different the name Logo has changed on the front plus it feels a bit, im not sure how to say this but cheaper quality but still looking gorgeous, if that even makes any sense 🙂

They have also changed their contents card (which has all the info about our items received in the boxes) Its much better this way



Plus the Ribbon is plain black for those who like to reuse and get craft with their ribbons, and the tissue paper inside has Glossybox written across

This month also included a extra item, we usually get 5 items each month but got 6 instead as this was the little extra Birthday bonus 😀


My Box totaled to £45.28

As Glossybox promised that our boxes would be £33  in Value, so i was very lucky!

Its a £10 + £3.35 P&P a month box

They recently changed their courier Service about 2 months ago from ”Hermes” to Royal Mail 48 hour delivery basically 2nd class)

And i think that was the right move as i much prefer Royal mail

OKAY… Onto what i got…..


* Kryolan For Glossybox  Highlighter This is a Full Sized item £12.95

* Figs & Rouge Mini Hand Cream 20ml Travel Size £1.73, Full Size is £6.95

* Yves Rocher Pink Nail Polish This is a Full Sized item 3ml £3.60

* Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Pre Shampoo treatment Travel Size 40ml around £7.00 Full Size is £38 250ml

* Lalique L, Amour Perfume Sample 2ml Full Size £67 50ml

* Comfort Zone Essentials Cleansing Milk Removed Makeup and Pollution residue This is Full Size £20

(The card states 250ml but the contents says 200ml i think there’s a mistake on the card)


I very pleased with what i got this month quiet looking forwrd to September box which wont cost me a penny as from completing the surveys on the products in our boxes we get 50 points each and this box will tally me upto 1100 points means free box for me oh yes!!! 😀

Thank you for reading please share what you got in your box this month

Or if your not currently signed up, but Interested please Sign Up here

Thank you




7 thoughts on “Glossybox August 3rd Year Birthday 2014 UK

  1. Wow your box is really good! I only got one item different, but it’s actually put my box value at under the £30 mark, as I got a £3 lipstick, where you got a £20 cleanser! x

      1. It’s not your fault you got a different item! I like the lipstick I got, it’s just a bit shocking that they put in items with such a big price difference. Have you tried any of your products out yet? I just put on the nail varnish and it’s such a nice shade! x

      2. Still though! i know what it feels to get a less value box this happened to me alot of times a few boxes back, so a bit of moaning may have got me a better box today lol Im currently wearing my So Susan nail polish atm but hopefully get to try it soon 🙂 x

      3. Hmm maybe it’s worth me having a little moan about it then! Haha! I’ve scheduled a post about my box tomorrow and got them tagged on twitter for when it posts though so maybe see if they say anything then! x

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