My 1st Liebster Award Nomination 2014






Im pretty new to blogging thing even though ive had my site for just over a year, so when i was nominated by the a lovely subscriber Lipstick and bones  for a Liebster Award i was a bit clueless, But Humongous thanks to Lipstick and Bones  I think its amazing  its new to me and ive never heard of it before but it was fun to do and i guess its another achievement  🙂

 Ive not ever heard of this before and once Nominated i took to the internet to read about it

What is a Liebster Award?

Liebster Award is a blog award that only Exists on the internet which is given to bloggers by other bloggers

(Taken from Lipstick and Bones blog)


  • It’s given to blogs with less than 200 followers.
  • You come up with 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions made by the person who nominated you.
  • Also remember to link back to the person who nominated you!
  • Make 11 questions and nominate another 11 people!

So i guess, on to the 11 Facts about me 😉

1. Im Afraid of Sharks and Zombies ahh my worst nightmare! 

2. Im a big Movie buff

3. Im the eldest out of my siblings 

4. I was diagnosed with Cholesteatoma 3 years ago, and is still ongoing

5. I love eating Skippy peanut butter smothered on Oreos 

6. Makeup is my passion 

7. I love games consoles big game player! 

8. Sunday Roast dinners are my fave 

9. Im the hero when it comes to catching months or spiders in my household 

10.  I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks Booo!!!

11. Im pretty good at art i love drawing 

On to Lipsticks and Bones  11 Q’s

 Q,  What is a hidden talent you have? 

A, I love drawing and art, but didnt take it up as a G.C.S.E i should of would have gotten an A!

Q,  What is the best makeup advise you live by? 

A,  Don’t Ever over pluck your eyebrows! 

Q, Name 3 Books that you think are must-reads for everyone? 

A, Do you know what… i haven’t read a book in years! 

Q,  Why did you start your Blog? 

A,  Ive Got lots to say why not share it 🙂

Q, What is your favourite animal and why? 

A, I love Elephants they are massive creations, and they are the most beautiful creatures 

Q,  What is one makeup brand you think is overrated and why? 

A,  I would have to say Benefit, don’t get me wrong i do think there are some great items but you have to admit its expensive, you don’t get much product plus it never lives up to its expectations! 

Q,  If you could have any superpowers in the world what would it be? 

A,  Hmm now thats interesting! I would love to have that power where you could click/snap your fingers and remove Pain, fear and suffering of any kind or give someone who’s suffering without water, food, shelter, there are too many people in this world who don’t and shouldnt need to suffer 😦 

Q, if you can be anyone is history , who would you be and why? 

A,  Don’t think thats ever crossed my mind, i really don’t know! 

Q, What is your worst habit? 

 A, Rinsing my clean cup, thats already clean before i drink from it :/

Q,  What is the one makeup item you cant live without?

A,  Mascara… Eyebrow pencil… Noo my Mascara ahhh i cant choose!!

Q,  if your life were to be made into a movie who would play you?

A,  My Gosh… thats another tricky questions… Hmmm i might have to get back to you on that one….

As im pretty much new to this whole Liebster Award im not sure who my Nominations as i dont know many people with less than 200 Blog Fans, but  i would like to return the favour to 

Lipstick and Bones 

I will Update my Blogpost sometime soon with more people to Nomination 

I would like to say big thanks to Lipstick and bones for giving me this honour of a Nomination most kind of you  

But if i did Nominate these would be the Questions for them

1. What is your Least Favourite makeup brand?

2. what is your favourite Makeup brand?

3. what are your fears in life?

4. how many languages can you speak?

5. What was your Favourite cartoon as a child or still is? 

6. What are your guilty pleasures? 

7. Nail Varnish or False Acrylic Nails?

8. Favourite Food/ Dish 

9. Whats the nearest item to you

10.  Whats the most you spent on Makeup in one transaction?

11. If you had to choose to wear one item of clothing for a month only what would it be?  

Thanks for reading 




5 thoughts on “My 1st Liebster Award Nomination 2014

  1. I’m at work right now and have run out of break time to read this, but when I get home I will definitely read it – I can’t wait to read your answers xx

  2. I loved reading your answers! I totally agree with you about Benefit – I, glad I’m not the only one that feels that way about them. I’m sorry to hear about your chlosteatoma, that sounds really horrible and I’m really sorry you are afflicted by it 😦

    I’d looooove to see some of your art if you want to share and/or have any online!!

    1. Your so sweet and thankyou for your kind words 🙂 Yay i thought i was the only one that felt like that about benefit ahah 😀 its pretty good in some ways but deffo bit overpriced n biged up to much lol I will most definitely share my work of art to you one day for sure 🙂 thankyou for your comments off to bed i go gd nite 🙂 x x

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