Memebox Shop Y.E.T ”Yes! Enjoy Time” Korean Makeup Haul 2014



AKA ‘Yes Enjoy Time’ Korean’s Popular Cosmetics 

Makeup Goodies! 

Today i received my Memebox Shop order Number 3 of the Famous Y.E.T Korean beauty Makeup!

First i just like to say, Im a huge sucker for Cute, Girly, Fun and Very Bazaar packaging Because… C’mon don’t you think thee above packaging looks so eye candy or what! 

I bought these products when Memebox had a sale plus some extra points i got these bad boys for a really and i mean really cheap price! ohh yeah! 

Okay so what is Y.e.t.  it Stands for Yes enjoy time , is a high quality Korean makeup (Cosmetics/ beauty skin care line) its aimed at the Strong fun confident woman/Girl!

Or in my case a big grown up women who never says no to cute packaging 🙂 

Lets talk about the products……


* Trick Play Makeup base 50ml (Pump) $10

Ingredients: Portulaca extract and Shea Butter 

This is a colour correcting makeup base its used to correct/ cancels out redness on the skin, to be used before  foundation or BB/CC Creams 

This improves tightness and also helps absorption for your next products

Helps smooth skin plus last for hours 


* Y.E.T Clubpartra Waterproof Gel Pencil liner 1.4g $7

Powerful Black waterproof eyeliner that last for hours, smudgeproof and sweat proof 

creamy gel eyeliner that can be used for sensitive skin such its hypoallergenic 

simple to use dries instantly and remains fresh and vivd look for hours


* Y.E.T Silky Powder 50ml $9 Light Beige

This comes in two colours Light beige and natural beige

This unique light-reflecting ingredient creates a soft-focus appearance that smoothes away fine lines and imperfections as it sets your makeup

The light Beige shade looks and feels natural on all skintones, and creates a flawless finish

Use it to add a velvety finish to any makeup or for a bit of color and coverage when foundation is not worn


* Y.E.T Art Essence Macara Angelica 7g Clear

Dramatically lift lashes and enhance your natural curl with this defining, separating formula that imparts a glowing shine onto lashes

It defines, separates, and enhances the natural look of lashes

This mascara is great for the gym or beach, providing lift without the threat of accidental smudges

Increases sustaining powder of your normal mascara



* Y.E.T Magic Whitening Changing Colour BB Cream 75ml $19  Light beige

An advanced, lightweight formula. This color-correcting cream is a game changer with the proven ability to visibly brightens the skin and lightens dark sports post-acne marks instantly

It neutralizes and brightens skin for a more even complexion and primes, perfects, and protects the skin

Its longwear formula gives you a fresh and flawless look that lasts all throughout the day


* Y.E.T Slick Auto Eyeliner 1g White $3

Glide on color that stays put for the duration of your non-stop, on-the-go day!

These cushiony, creamy auto eye pencils deliver powerful and intense color that slides on smooth and stays soft and creamy, then dries to a long-lasting finish that won’t budge.

Line eyes with a hint of color or go for the full on smoky eye with these intense dark colours

contains Coconut oil, waterproof and sweatproof 


* Y.E.T Break BB Water drop 50ml $10 Light Beige 

YET’s Break Water Drop BB helps to hydrate and maintain healthy moisture for a dewy, fresh look

Like a drink for your skin, once applied, tiny droplets of water appear before being quickly absorbed, generating an instant soothing and cooling effect

This blemish balm includes sunscreen ingredients that protect the skin from a broad range of UVA and UVB radiation, leaving skin looking smooth, perfect, and natural

I’m a real big fan of Y.E.T Cosmetics so far and have bought lots from this Korean Makeup company

At  such a decent price this line of brand is amazing and really does work

All opinions are my own I really recommend YE.T Korean makeup/beauty if your a huge makeup fan

You can still get Y.E.T Makeup online at Memebox at such a great price

Memebox are always having sales  and so far within 11 days this brand has been in 2 sales at Memebox so keep you eye out they just might be on sale again!

Thankyou for reading

until next time





MEMEBUNDLE3:  Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes

MEMEBUNDLE4: Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes

BF7L August VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive  ~ you must purchase separate boxes for this.

AFFILIATE-9102-BZWPX-FFXA $5.00 discount on orders above $100.00 – Use my links!! You do not need to enter this code

AFFILIATE-2200-FQIV5-HISA $10.00 discount on orders above $150 





19 thoughts on “Memebox Shop Y.E.T ”Yes! Enjoy Time” Korean Makeup Haul 2014

    1. i know ive gone OTT On The y.e.t products havent i lol! It really depends you know, ive noticed if you add lighter items then one big item you can get away with paying $10.99 heavier items will cost $16.99 upto 800grams i think, you can use the $5 off money coupons that are around online use them on shop orders aswell and also what was soooo cheeky i feel naughty! saying it but oh well… there was this code that i found for £5 but it gave me nearly the whole order for free so really all i spent was just the postage 😛 i got away with using it on 3 orders and i had some points so basically i got my orders for free nearly 🙂 x x

      1. Ive got so many eyeliners because i was still trying to find one that doesn’t smudge or budge, ive tried from Chanel, to Urban decay, benefit and mac even. ive worn the eyeliner for 4 hours so far its lasted i dont have that horrible corner build up from the natural acids on my eyes and swatched it on my hand it hasn’t moved washed my hands 3 times so far! so thats a huge bonus too! its great but you do need to let it set once it has its good as new! x

  1. Oh man… I have a few Y.E.T products that I have gotten through memebox but after reading this I have decided I need more hahaha. Arrrgghhh the packaging is to die for!!! Awesome post!

      1. Ohh that makes sense, thanks so much for letting me know – I was gutted when I couldn’t find them!

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