Redken Cerafill Defy New Thickening System range

Cerafill Defy

Powdered By Redken Science


I was lucky enough on FB to be chosen to try REDKEN new hair range

This isnt just any ordinary Shampoo or Conditioner, This is their Hair thickening system

What is it, though? ”Cerafill” is a breakthrough solution for hair-thinning problems. It’s not a “volume-building” product. It’s a science-based product that will feel like you’ve added 9,000 hairs after one use, and if used over time, it will actually regrows your hair. It adds not only volume, but density and more hair!

The Defy line should be used by those with normal to thin hair in the early hair loss stage/thinning

I was kind enough to received the ”Cerafill” Defy”based on my hair concerns

I noticed that as im getting older, even though im only 26 years old my hair seems to be falling out alot more often when brushed or if i run my fingers through my hair and it just feel really flat. I know this can be due to many things, like diet, health problems or just unlucky to be ones of those people hair that sheds more often than others

After my first use i noticed my hair felt more thicker and looked like it had a bit more weight to it

Product Benefits

  • Improves the appearance of normal to thin hair
  • Hair instantly looks and  feels fuller with healthy shine
  • Gently cleanses  to help reduce DHT and remove follicle clogging impurities and excess sebum from the scalp
  • Strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage 
  • Safe for color & chemically treated hair
  • invigorating ginger mint fragrance

I Suffer with a very sensitive scalp and sometimes switching shampoos can trigger dry/flaky scalp for me which is such a a headache

but Strangely  the Cerafill didn’t do this and im over the moon its something ive been battling with for a very long time and have just stuck to one shampoo for the past 3 years im so happy to try a new shampoo without my head becoming a concern

Cerafill  not only just thickens my hair it adds high shine and makes it feel and looks healthy

I  totally recommend Cerafill Defy it truly delivers and its evrything i need in one bottle

The Range consist of
Shampoo Containing Zinc PCA  9.8 oz 290ml
Conditioner Containing  ZINC PCA  8.3 oz 245ml

Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense Fx Hair Diameter Thickening Treatment Containing Filloxane  4.2 oz 125ml

To be used in conjunction with one another


2 thoughts on “Redken Cerafill Defy New Thickening System range

  1. This sounds fab 🙂 How long do you need to use this before you start seeing noticeable results? If you’re hair already feels great after one use then that’s really good. The use of straighteners and dying my hair has really thinned my hair and to date nothing has really worked for me 😦

    1. Since the age of 10 ive always been experimenting from crimping, hair dyeing and straightening and over time my hair taken years to grow and has always fell out too easily, im also currently using Elvive loreal thickening fibrology its great but my hair feels brittle and dry after using ahh i just cant win. Redken Cerafill defy is pretty darn good stuff my hair more shiner looks healthier and has some extra density to it, not so flat looking 😀 its great stuff but i think its a bit pricey :/ x

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