Wantable Makeup Box July 2014

Wantable July Makeup Collection


20140724_142243 16-03-53

Today i received my Wantable July’s Makeup  box 

Wantable is an american beauty subscription service but with three subscriptions to choose from

Makeup, Accessories and Intimates 

The prices of the box each are $36 

Free shipping for America 

whilst shipping in the UK is $10

You can buy any Wantable boxes as a one off gift for $40 but as their subscription services are easily unsubscribable thats why i always pay $36 for mine. 

I paid roughly around $38 = £23 this is including the shipping price and tax, you don’t get any surprises at your door the checkout is finale and that all you should pay. As i had a $10 off my box,  it normally cost   shipping/handling and tax all comes to around $48 = 29 in total

The boxes are totally curated for you as you fill out a survey about your Loves, likes, dislikes so you shouldn’t receive anything that you wont like its totally made for you! 

I love that they say ”This box is specially made for……. and your name like below nice touch 🙂




My box is worth $125 and it only cost $36 a month + Shipping

What i got…..



* Tarina Tarantino makeup brush ”Pigment brush 43” $25



* OFRA 3D Roman Mosaic Bronzer  $38



* MICA Face & body Loose bronzer in colour ”Sunlight” $45


* OFRA White Rabbit Fixline Eyeliner in colour White $17

It really another great box this month i love what i got and cant wait to use them all, i was really needing some white eyeliner and glad i received some in my july box. Its like Wantable new! lol

All Full Size items! and great brands 

cant wait for August  box 

Thanks for reading




9 thoughts on “Wantable Makeup Box July 2014

    1. Burchbox is great also but the samples are like samples, small. But they introduced me to dr brandt. Which is a very good brand but oh so expensive lol wantable is full size and i love it lol x

  1. Love this! I signed up for the Wantable accessories box this month, but this is making me wish I had signed up for both 🙂 btw l like your blog!

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