Hello Fresh Review July 2014


Hello Fresh

I signed up to Hello fresh, just over a week ago and canceled as soon as i received it this afternoon. To be honest i wasn’t going to Blog about it because im quiet disappointed but here we go…

Hello Fresh is a Food subscription service that deliver food to your home for you to make from scratch

They do all the hard part by creating the recipes.

They have a head Chef called Patrick and his team create new recipes with photos of every step for you to cook quick, delicious, nutritious meals at home.

They source all the ingredients for your recipes from their legendary suppliers and pack the exact quantities you need for your recipes. There’s no waste and they hunt down speciality produce that you (we) won’t find in the supermarkets.

They  deliver all the tasty recipes and ingredients to your door in a chilled box every Tuesday and Thursday.

 The Delivery is free too and they use a overnight courier company called APC Hand Delivery That delivery between 9-5pm

You can choose from Four Different types boxes

* Classic box   £39 /£59

* Veggie box   £36/ £57

* Family box £64  (4-5 people

* Trial Classic (one off box) £42/£62

The box i ordered was the Classic Box 3 Meals to feed 2 people

It cost £39.00 for this box but i had a coupon code for £25 off my first order and got the whole box for £14.00 

To be honest it doesn’t look £39 worth at all im so glad i only paid £14

The food they provide is supposed to be restaurant  fresh high quality ingredients food





My Order arrived at 3.00pm in the afternoon. The delivery time slots are from 9am to 5pm 

The box didn’t feel heavy at all it was quiet light when carrying and upon opening i did noticed that it was packed quiet well and secure, nothing was loose or got damaged through transit. 

all of their boxes are packaged using specialty insulation and environmentally friendly cooling agents in order to keep the groceries fresh (whatever the weather), provided you are able to transfer the contents to your fridge on the evening of your delivery.

The contents inside were very small  not much vegetables or anything really,  they are not very generous at all, the spice pot ingredients were very tiny and i know that this box is to feed 2 people but somehow i feel my food is going to taste quiet bland there wasn’t much (taste) ingredients like spices 😦

They gave me 3 bits of small and crispy gone off garlic. It had started to grow/ sprout on top with long green stem coming out on top. Old garlic not good! 

and my lime was off/ mouldy and was very soft and grimey looking. 

So wasn’t a good started to this company. I really don’t think its worth  £39 the quantity is very small and for this price you could buy alot more from your supermarket.

also  with ingredients that is off  its just a inconvenience  to now go out to buy the garlic and Lime which i find very annoying as im quiet far from a supermarket, And maybe slightly lazy lol

But this is the reason to buy boxes like this so its all done for you and you dont have to go to the supermarket, well in this case i do 😦

If your going to try Hello Fresh defiantly look around for promo codes they do help 

I wont continue with my subscription im not really pleased with it ( you can cancel your box just long as you do this the Wed before you next delivery is due at 11.59 pm) so its flexible and your not tied down to it

and for what it is, its really a hyped up box personally for me anyway

So Thanks but no Thanks Hello Fresh…. 

Promo Codes that work are

SOCCER10 For £10 off

MC636 For £25 off 

Thanks for reading 



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