MemeBox Office Essentials box and Hair & Body 2

Memebox ‘‘Office Essentials Box” & ”Hair and Body 2”


At the beginning of June, i noticed that a few Youtuber’s were doing reviews and opening videos on this korean Beauty Company called Memebox. I was so intrigued and since then ive been hooked on these videos. So i thought why not try it out.

and boy am i glad i did 😀


MemeBox is a Korean beauty one off buy . It’s not really a subscription, though they do have their original “Global” box which is released every month. 

They release so many different boxes each week, and lately sometimes daily. But you have to be quick since they’ve grown rapidly  their boxes don’t seem to stay in stock for long. 

The boxes range from 

-Memebox Global Edition- ($23) 6-10 items in box

– Luckybox- ($23) 4-5 items

-Superbox- ($32+) 4-8 items

-Ltd Edition Boxes- ($23+) 4-10 items

The Postage prices are  $6.99 Standard International Mail   15-22 days 

Express Shipping EMS/DHL $25.99   3-7 days 

They Now Shipped to 21 countries

Ive bought 5 boxes in total so far and 2 out of 5 have arrived. Im thinking of buying more there is something so addictive with Memebox you see yourself always looking and buying! i just cant help myself! 😀

My boxes that have arrived were Dispatched on the 20th of June 6 days ago and i couldn’t believe my eyes when the Royal mail Man arrived in his van.

I wasn’t expecting them at all i was told they take around 2 weeks standard shipping to arrive and in some cases they taken longer, but 6 days OMG! Thats the fastest ever parcel ive had from abroad and im just so amazed that they’re here!!

The boxes are…. 

”Office Essentials”


I didn’t Pay any tax/Custom Duties at all.  This was one of the very things that concerned me, but As These boxes are under $25 =£15 You don’t pay any customs at all and shouldn’t do.

20140626_134900 17-50-50

Considering the boxes came all the way from korea they wernt dented or bashed up as i thought they would be.


I got 7 items in total The box is worth $92  Box Cost $23.00 +$6.99 Shipping

* Hope Girl 140 Super lash Macara Colour Jet black Full Size 11ml $22

* Very Six 6 Second Kissing lIPgloss 10ml Full Size $17.00

* Pure Smile Refresh Tissue Citrus Punch 2 x Full Size $3 Each

*  Label Young Shocking Toner 250ml Ful Size $28

* RiveCowe Sebum Control Convenient 8g Full Size $14

* Lovey Dovey Perfume Fabric Mist 60ml $5

 This was a little extra in the box considering its a Office essentials box 

* Maxim Mocha Gold Coffee  2x One time use sachets Full Size Is 420ml $21 

I really like this box i was hoping to own something by ”Hope girl” their items look amazing and heard so many great things about them in previous boxes 

Next box…. 

Hair & Body 2

This is the second box version to the Hair and Body range 


Love the packaging! 


The boxes are really sturdy and good quality 


I got 6 items. The Box is worth $81  Box Cost $23.00 +$6.99 Shipping

* Kocostar Foot Therapy Mask for your feet 40ml Full Size $9

* Label Young Shocking Holjjuki Slimming Cream Full Size 100ml $21

* Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Shampoo & Treatment 30ml Each Sample Around $4 Size Full Size 220ml  $38

* Vidanail L.Vida Lavender Oil For nails 10ml Full Size $10

* Evas Cosmetics Body Net 7day Project Shower Gel Full Size 200ml $6

* Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence 60ml Full Size $31

Im in love with Memebox already they are really great value for money, you get way over your moneys worth. 

The Boxes are £17 Converted in to Pound Sterling this includes the shipping 

But upon signing up i i got $10 off plus i had a coupon code for extra $3 off Yay!! 😀 so my first box was £10.40  Bargain!! 

(Im not sure if they have the offer of $10 off when signing up)

I totally recommend Memebox 

Try them Out


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