Glossybox April Sweet treats 2014 UK



So today 14th April 2014 i received my Glossybox for april. 

It was sent out earlier this month which is fantastic, Considering Glossybox normally sends it out later in the month.

Ok…. i was really excited for this months box and couldn’t wait to receive…. until i opened it.  Im again ,so  let down by the contents its utterly crap this month guys. Booooo!!!

where does the theme ”Sweets Treats” come into it? who the hell comes up with these stupid themes?!  that don’t even match any of the contents.

As usual you get a Glossy Mag inside each box filled with somewhat nonsense and sometimes i cant be bothered to read it. 

Ok onto the contents. 

* EMITE MAKEUP  Lip brush L312 Full sized product £17.00  (Who in their right mind would spend £17.00 on a lip brush? seriously?….

* MONU SPA  Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil  Received a sample of 30ml Full Size is 100ml £25.00  ( Now its getting Hotter, i wouldn’t even use a oil. Quiet a repetitive Product Oil Again

* ME ME ME COSMETICS Beat The blues Pearl Pink Shimmer Full Size 12ml £5.50 (Again another repetitive item.  Nothing new there….

* TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dr Shampoo Travel Size of 100ml Full size 200ml £4.99  ( Glossybox is getting good at the same old things.  Ive got Tuns of this stuff 😦

* UNICA COSMETICS Radiance Plus Anti Age for fine lines and wrinkles. Received a tiny pot of maybe 5ml? Full Size is 50ml £12.95 


This months box is clearly boring, nothing stands out or makes me pleased at all. 

I dont know who comes up with the ideas for the boxes and contents because i can do a better job seriously!

 Huge Let down this month.

What did you loves get

comment below

Thanks for reading



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