Birchbox March 2014 Lulu Guinness UK



Today i received my Birchbox 12th march 2014, didn’t even know it was on its way as the tracking was just only given to me, plus the details didn’t update

luckily i was in to receive it.

This month Birchbox partnered up with a fashion Designer called Lulu Guinness for this months box.


Too be honest when opening my box i wasn’t impressed at all with it being a box made from Lulu picks ( which was beauty items what Lulu Guinness loved)

I only had one thing out of the whole box which was One of lulu Picks so i cant see how one thing made it a lulu box was quiet strange.

The items this month are quiet small but one thing i received for sure did catch my eye and im intrigued by it.

The Lulu Guinness Collaboration part of the box was a sleeve, the box Itself was still the standard cardboard Birchbox box.

Also we was given a voucher which expires in like 2 weeks time which i find quiet hideous to be honest and it was only for £20 off a £100 spend on Lulu Guinness website which by the way is way over priced. Quiet a shocker nothing was 100 pound and i cant believe that birchbox would allow this  offer/voucher to expire quiet soon not only that but no one really has this amount of money to spend, well i dont anyway…. do you?..

considering thats why i buy this box at £10.00 a month i don’t have this kind of money and considering it expires so soon its a cheek i tell you!!!

Right enough said lets move on to what i got this month


* BENEFIT Stay Don’t Stray Eye primer. Sample size of 2.5ml Full size Cost £20.50

* DE BRANT Pores No more Pore Refiner Received a Sample 7.5ml Full Size is 30ml £39.00

*AROMA  WORKS Body Oil Received Sample 5ml Full Size Cost £32.50

* CELLU-CUP Helps Fight Cellulite Full Size £16.00

* ENGLISH LAUNDRY  No 7 for her Perfume Sample 2ml Full Size is From £47

* Lifestyle Extra  Candy Rock Sweet

So This months box is ok, Im intrigued by the Cellu cup going to have go at that and the Dr brandt ”pore no more” so both things im very happy with the other items well there alright not really hyped about them got so many body oils but its ok….ish.

Thanks for reading loves.








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