Birchbox Winter Wonderland December 2013 UK



Today i received my Birchbox, on Decmeber Friday 13th 2013.

Many other people got theirs a day before mine but it was worth the wait! ūüėÄ

This months theme is ”WINTER WONDERLAND”

The Box was presented a little different this time, rather than just a plain cardboard box with the words Birchbox written. Instead this month was a festive versions which looks like zig zags but could be christmas trees. Anyway i Loved it.

As always you get your little stack of cards with lots of info on them for this months agenda.

This month i got….


This month i got….

* ¬†NUMBER 4 ¬† Non Aerosol Hair Spray . ¬† Received a sample size of 43ml Full size is ¬£18.50 but doesn’t tell you what ml it is on the card.

* NAIL ROCK ”VELVET” Received full Size ¬£6.99 ¬† ¬†( I went to my local Tk Maxx today and saw these for ¬£2.99 the exact same ones )

* TWISTBAND  Chic Hair Tie,  Pack of 10 is £10 I Received 1 On Card. In Colour Green

* ¬†JANE IREDALE ¬†Cheek & Lip Tint Stain. in colour ”JUST KISSED” Received a ever So Miniature Size Sample but its cute! Full size is ¬£20.95

*  LIPSY LONDON Glam Fragrance Perfume Sample 2ml.  Full Size from £18.00

*ALIMA PURE Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow. Received  another miniture size sample. Full size is £12.50

*  BEEKIND Body Lotion. Received 30ml sample Full size is £12.95


This month 1000 new subscribers to BIRCHBOX  got the chance to receive  a free Handmade Bracelet from a new Jewellery company called Baublebar

For exsiting customers we got a $20 Gift voucher to use on their website But as delivery is $20 then on top of that Tax and duty fees that will need to be paid so i really don’t understand this free voucher thingy! not so free after all this is the only downside to this months box. But apparently BIRCHBOX is working with the company to find a resolution to this slight little problem.

Overall im very pleased with this months box, Yeah some things could of been a bit bigger but, with the packaging, the presentation and the overall goodies its defiantly worth £10.00 that i paid for. well i think so anyway.

Please let me know what you guys got and what your thoughts are on this months box. which is the last box for 2013.

Thanks for reading Loves!





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