Glossybox October Dark Romance 2013 UK



This October Glossbox Edition was based around a dark romance theme. 

But to be honest im a tad confused to what I got this month, its no very dark romance??!! 

As always the packaging is so cute and very well presented.

But for £10.00 +£2.95  P&P This months box wasnt the best and with only 2 full size products Which are small anyway,  the whole box really priced around £13  as i had 3 samples and you cant really put a price on them. As im always very grateful every month, but it was a huge let down considering what spoiler pics and the big expectation on GB FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES it wasn’t what i thought it would be. Now don’t get me wrong its a guess each month but no way was is dark romance themed and nothing really to get me ”you” in the halloween spirit as said in the GB mag 😦 

Plus one item i received is what we got in our sept/october Miss Glossybox last month. Gutted! 

But This is what i got this Month…..



* Katy perry killer Queen sample 1.5ml Sample on card. RRP For full size is £29.50 50ml  GOT THIS IN MY MISS GLOSSYBOX LAST MONTH, So no surprise there 😦

*Broadway Nails (press on ones) In colour French Tip  Received Full Size £7.99 ( not very dark gothic romance theme at all 😦  Plus also i didn’t know you can get stick on nails still Hmm

*Premae Multi Vit Smoothie Serum Received sample size.   RRP For Full size is 50ml £22.50

*Monu Illuminating Primer received a sample. size       RRP For Full Size is 50ml £24.95

*ME ME ME Cherub’s blush Cheek & Lip Tint Got a Full size 12ml £5.50


Now these items are very good in their own way, but for a ”Dark romance theme” it really doesn’t match, and Glossybox was very mis leading with their spoiler pictures, I assumed Dark nail varnish, sultry lipsticks and mysterious dark eyeshadow palette Bold mascara and maybe just maybe a eyeliner….   i was hoping for some real dark Berry, Burgundy, Grey Blacks Dark Brown, Purples and Reds  Colours this month, but it just was not.

Anyhow with the Limited Edition box approaching soon plus December box maybe Glossybox is saving all the best till then.

The best part of this month was the speedy delivery, only took overnight to be delivered to me, plus the presentation of the packaging, box and GB magazine .

Subscription box monthly for £10.00 + £2.95 for delivery VIA hermes.




7 thoughts on “Glossybox October Dark Romance 2013 UK

  1. Hmm, yeah I can understand why you’re not very pleased, especially after having received the same perfume sample twice. One thing I would like Glossybox to concentrate a bit more on is actually really looking at our beauty profiles and seeing what we really would be interested in, and taking note of what we have received before.

    I got a similar box to you, but I got some argan oil instead of those press on nails. I don’t think either really match the theme, but I’m still happy with what I got because I don’t think I could really pull off the dark romance look…

  2. I was so disappointed with this months box Glossy Box I actually unsubbed from them. Stick on nails, really? I wasn’t aware anyone over the age of 12 wore those. And the tiny sample of KP perfume, I’m sure you get them for free at perfume counters. I think they’ve been slipping in standards recently, I’ll be sticking to Birch Box from now on.

    1. yeah totally agree was very strange this month with glossybox, but have you been on their twitter site, ive seen 3 limited edition boxes. i know theres two, a xmas box and the ”net a porter box” but i want to know whats this other box its more pinker than their usual boxes give it a look if you got the time. x

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